I believe there is no qualm in having a source of extra income that will not put in jeopardy one’s present employment. Hence, online business fills this gap.
In Part 1, I made mention of six of the best ways to make money online: Freelance Writing, Affiliate Marketing/Advertising e.g. Amazon Affiliate Sales, Google Adsense, etc., Digital Product Creation e.g. eBooks, Products Reviews (on your Blog), Taking Surveys Online, and Online Courses.
In Part 2, I established the best way to receive your funds generated from your online businesses and companies worldwide especially if you are a freelance writer: Payoneer Account Opening!
In Part 3, I explained how to make money by creating your own products. I dwelt on Authoring Books because I have first-hand experience as an Indie Author.
In part 4, I talked on Freelance Writing.
In this part, Part 5, I will like to talk about Affiliate Marketing and Advertisement.
Read on, learn or revise, and enjoy.