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What are Books? (2-min Read)

Many great authors have written many great books but not about “books” hitherto. Only a few authors have written about what books are. How can people read books when they don’t know what books are? Even the few that do, read just for pleasure. They think “books” are just black ink – or whatever color – on white or brown paper. It is so sympathetic to hear this!

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Many people desire miracles, but the result is proving otherwise. It is not that they are not taking steps, while they are not wrong, but the miracles are delayed. These are some of the likely reasons why many people’s desired miracles are delayed.

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Better is the Life of Faith

Dr Kenneth Copeland (His entourage did not include Pastor (Mrs) Gloria Copeland), was in Nigeria yesterday with Dr David Oyedepo in Living Faith Church Worldwide (aka Winners Chapel), Lagos State. In the Vigil he preached about love of God, and he admonished us we should receive it in faith. Thereafter, the Bishop of the Commission, Dr David Oyedepo, spoke a lot on faith. His major assistants, Bishop Abioye and Bishop Aremu also contributed in that aspect. I deem it fit this day to also contribute my own quota when it comes to faith.

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Fear Not, Do Not Panic!

Some people are fortified that even in the face of imminent danger; they are as bold as lion. The devil, himself, knows that he cannot dare the children of God, in fact, he dreads us, that is why he prowls about roaring like a lion, we are the real lions, and he is a fake! We belong to the Tribe of the Lion of Judah.

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God Once Had a Problem!

There is a reason for every season. There are different seasons of life, wet and dry, cold and hot. There…