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People Must Talk

Mostly, the day someone’s gone, is the day he is remembered for his good deeds. When one is alive, no…

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God Deserves Praise

Let’s give Him in this place, All the praise, From our heart, He created the earth. Why are we not…

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A CHOSEN VESSEL: Broken or Golden One?

The Meanings of a Vessel: A ship/boat – are you depending on God for stability? A container – are you…

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Out of Yourself

This post speaks about what to do in the face of challenges of life.

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What are Books? (2-min Read)

Many great authors have written many great books but not about “books” hitherto. Only a few authors have written about what books are. How can people read books when they don’t know what books are? Even the few that do, read just for pleasure. They think “books” are just black ink – or whatever color – on white or brown paper. It is so sympathetic to hear this!