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There is none to Help!

“There is none to help!” This is the statement that comes out of many when they are asked about their…

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Take Control of Your Life

Be in control of your life. Be a driver, not a passenger nor a conductor in your life matters. Be a major player, not a spectator. Be a major contributor, not a seeker.

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Learning is a Continuous Thing

Learning ought to be a continuous thing. There is a phenomenon called Long-life learning. We all ought to be a life-time apprentice when it comes to learning new things. An apprentice could be termed as a novice or amateur. We are all inexperienced and amateurs in one area or the other. Hence, when you stop learning, you start dying.

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Workers' Day

May 1 of every year is Workers’ Day, a day where every worker observes rest from their work. Rest is very important in life, just as a break was very important in schooling. God demonstrated this for us, when He worked for six days, and he rested from all His works on the seventh day.

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Maintenance Culture

Consistent usage of a particular thing encourages maintenance. Our mouths are being used everyday for eating, that is why they are brushed and washed twice a day, or at least once a day. Our whole bodies are being used daily – legs are used to walk, hands are used to carry things, …. That is why we give them a thorough bath daily. What we don’t use, we stand to lose.