Fortune follows those who remember their parents – especially mothers. In the first three years of your life You were so attached to me We were so fond of ourselves. Hardly will you spend five minutes elsewhere Without coming to me You can never sleep all alone, Until you see […]

Can’t you see what you have done, dear? You just love stepping on one’s toes, You behave like them; I mean like foes, Can’t you learn from deer. I have never seen somebody without his/her Achilles’ heel, You may be endowed with many gifts, But they may not serve as […]

 People think my best color is Purple They don’t know it’s golden I like color purple Just because I used white and purple When I was in secondary school I painted our car purple To still show allegiance To my secondary school pioneered by a king. Almost all the families […]

Symbiosis could mean cooperation, interdependence, relationship, association, synergy, and interaction (Encarta Dictionary, 2009). Life is symbiotic in nature! Life is interdependent, if you are trying to live all alone, it may not work out, there is a need for interdependence. It’s even God’s principle. When He wanted to create the […]

There is something meaningful in meaningless words sometimes. There are some senses in senseless utterances.   The teacher stood in front of the class. The class was well-arranged as if it is a court. Silence reigns in the four walls of the confinement. The alacrity of the students for learning […]


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