The Only Solution to Coronavirus (Covid-19)

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Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) was taking ground and it is affecting most human activities negatively. Its effect in many countries of the world are actually killing. The situation is getting better (I don’t want to say it is getting worse). People are now indoors, all outdoor gatherings are forbidden.

Some of the obvious negative effects are mentioned and briefly explained below:
(1) Paralysis of Businesses: Businesses all over the world are being paralysed, even it has affected online businesses. Businesses are loosing customers because people are quarantined and many businesses are closed all over the world.

(2) Loss of Money in Stock Market: The percentage loss in stock market is now very high and people are losing their money very fast.


(3) People are getting sick: Many are not affected by the disease, but they are sick because of its fear. Some are mentally stressed because they are thinking of the way out.

There are many negative effects of Covid-19. If we are to continue to list them, this page will not contain them but we should be after is the permanent solution to the problem.

The permanent solution to Coronavirus is GOD. He is the one that can reveal both the Vaccine to prevent it and the Drugs to cure it.

Besides it is GOD that can renew the surface of the earth.

…; and you renew the face of the earth – Psalms 104:30.

He can rid off Covid-19 out of the atmosphere and clean it off our land. Let’s look unto him for solution and let’s seek His face to guide us. Peace!

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Author: Peter Adewumi

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