Get Busy before Your Time

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Your time will definitely come
You may have the glimpse of it
But you don’t know when exactly.
So far you have known
Doesn’t call for waiting lazily
You have to be very busy.
To prepare for the time
They will manifest to the world
Many, waiting lazily
Bragging about it and wasted away.

It has to be given to a busy man, to get the job done, never to a lazy one
Your time must meet you maximizing
the day, for it to stay put.
Preparation always precedes manifestation
The wise ones must always be at alert to grab that which is theirs.
THINK of the way to get busy and be actually busy.

Do something meaningful with that in your hands
For a bird at hand worths more than the two in the bush
If you take care of the pigeons in your hand
That is when more will come to stay with them
Your time will definitely come, if you make most of the day.

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Author: Peter Adewumi

Peter Adewumi is an Amazon author of "Virtues for Riches" series, "Romantic, Inspirational & Motivational Poems," "Attributes of Successful Employees," "The End Matters Most," & "A Lonely Ward in a Comely World."

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