Be Happy that You Have a Poor Background: It Had Been the reason why many became popular, famous, and finally a millionaire.

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Joe DiMaggio smashed baseball records during his 13 seasons with the New York Yankees, setting a record with his 56-game hit streak and winning nine World Series. However, it wasn’t just his skill on the field that won over fans’ hearts but what DiMaggio’s successful career represented.

DiMaggio’s father, like generations of DiMaggios before him, was a fisherman, and he fervently wished for his sons to join him in his trade. While DiMaggio never had any interest in fishing, his upbringing as the son of a poor immigrant fisherman helped form his popular image as the personification of the “American Dream.”

Lessons from DiMaggio’s Life


Lesson No 1: He defiled the norm and made it big. The generations before him, his fathers, had been fishermen. His father wanted him also to be a fisherman so as to perpetrate the “lineage profession.” Fishing had become their family business. He took a risk, dared to be different and became a baseballer instead. There is a wise saying that, “If a particular profession doesn’t favour you, you can switch to another.

Lesson No 2: It is not the profession that made him rich, it was his determination and persistence. It wasn’t rosy at the beginning, but he persisted until he made it to the top. It is not a must you choose your parents’ professions even if they are doctors, lawyers and engineers. The top three professions as some experts claim! Notwithstanding, you have to choose your profession wisely and if possible in line with your gifts.

Lesson No 3: His background made him to succeed. Some people when they are caught from a particular vice, they give the reason that it is because of their poor background. It’s a blatant lie, even if they are rich they will still indulge in such vices. Dimaggio won the hearts of the fans not with his skills but because if his poor background. Do you know why? He was doing what he could well and the fans gave it a thought. “This man is not supposed to be poor.” Hence, he was supported until he became very rich.

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