The Man Who Wants to Become a Millionaire

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You’ll be surprised to hear that those that become millionaires don’t think about money all the time. Those that money accrued unto in a large quantity don’t think about money all the time; they don’t even think about their own needs as such. The question now is what do they think of? What do they stand up to do while others keep complaining about their needs?

Their major thought is about the needs of others! How they are going to meet the needs of others. How they are going to solve part, if not all, of the challenges humanity is facing. About the man that wants to become a millionaire, all he has is a passion to impact the world at large. He has a unique purpose for living – the purpose to leave the world better than he met it. He identifies the purpose early in life and he lives it from day to day.

The man that wants to become a millionaire, unlike others, doesn’t run after money. He does not lose the sight of his purpose. It is money that always runs after a man of passion – he that wants to become a millionaire. Examples of those that lived to become a millionaire (most of them are still alive), simply because they were possessed by passion to help humanity include Sergey Brin of Google, Steve Jobs of Apple, Steve Case, Bill Gates of Microsoft, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Williams Lynch of Barnes & Noble, Mark Coker of Smashwords, Warren Buffet of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., Susan Wojcicki of YouTube, Stephanie Kasriel of Upwork, Jeff Weiner of LinkedIn, Mark Zukerberg of Facebook, Richard Branson of Virgin Group, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Peter Lynch, George Soros, Bill Zanker, Jim Rogers, Jim Balsamic (CEO of Whatsapp), Ted Turner, Sam Walton of Walmart, John D. Rockefeller, Thomas Edison and so on so forth.


In short, a man who wants to be a millionaire must possess these characteristics.

(1) Such a man must follow his heart: The man who wants to be a millionaire must follow his heart just because others will see him as abnormal. They will see all his actions as weird. They will tell him nobody has ever done that before. They will want to get him derailed. Hence, if you want to become a millionaire, passionately follow your heart – follow passionately the purpose with which you were born.

(2) Such a man must passionately follow a particular course: All successful people, all those that have become millionaires, even if they were doing some other things, passionately followed one course until they succeeded. Think of John D. Rockefeller, it was oil; of Thomas Edison, it was electricity – he followed the course with passion that he couldn’t wait to finish school. A man that wants to become a millionaire needs to follow one particular course from the beginning; if he wants to diversify at all, it should be later after success has been recorded.

(3) Such a man must possess a mentality that he wants to impact the world positively: All the examples of notable millionaires listed above passionately followed a course not because they wanted to become a millionaire, but because they wanted to leave the world better than they met it. Notwithstanding, money started flowing towards them. What a man that wants to become a millionaire needs to do is to possess a mentality that, “I want to impact the world positively.” And he would wake up one day and discovered that he has become a millionaire.

(4) Such a man must be financially literate: Some of the great people listed and not listed in this article didn’t finish school. This is not because formal education is bad, but because they have found some other types of education, that are better than the formal education, one of which is financial literacy. A man that wants to become a millionaire needs to think like an entrepreneur, and an entrepreneur must be financial literate. He should not hesitate to go for training in this area, if there is need.

(5) Such a man must be emotionally stable: A man who wants to be a millionaire must be emotionally stable. He must have a good character. A man who wants to be a millionaire thinks and acts like a team leader. If he is not yet one, he will soon become one – I mean a team leader. As said earlier, a good character is required as a trait for someone that would end up as a millionaire. If any man with a bad character becomes a millionaire, if he doesn’t change, he will soon find himself at zero level. A man who wants to be a millionaire must be emotionally stable which culminates into a good character.

On the last note, if anyone wants to become a millionaire, he/she should give consideration to the five (5) points highlighted and explained above.

Thanks for reading. Seeing you at the top as you passionately follow a course to leave the world better than you met it!

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