3 Factors That Can Influence A Man’s Thoughts: This Is Important because Your Thoughts Can Make or Mar You. Your Thoughts Can Make You a Millionaire!

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Thoughts are very powerful. Thoughts mold (American spelling) destinies. You become your thoughts. If you think big, you become a ‘giant’ success; and if you think small, you become a ‘grasshopper’ success. Your thoughts have the power to either shape or shake you. Your THOUGHTS can become a shackle that enslaves your destiny or a bamboo that propels your destiny forward. Your thoughts can either make or mar you. Positive thoughts make people; negative thoughts mar them.

When negative thoughts are springing up from your heart, you have the power to reject it. You can despise and disperse negative thoughts by switching on the knob of positive thoughts. Positive thoughts generate energy waves that displace all other kinds of thoughts that are negative, and this leads to actions that will give no room for negative thoughts.


Let’s discuss 3 factors that can influence your thoughts, so that you can use them to your advantage.
1. The environment you find yourself: Your environment dictates what life looks like to you. And if you are not careful, you will think that is how life is everywhere. Think of somebody that lives in Abuja, Nigeria that had never visited Washington DC in the United States of America. Such a person will think he/she is having the best of life. If you can not leave your present abode to live in another place, there is no problem; that is why it is highly recommended you travel to places you can afford, to learn new things and to reshape your mentality about life.

2. The friends you are moving with: In a particular environment, we have different types of people – PEOPLE with different mentalities. Therefore, it is utmost important you choose your friends wisely. If you find yourself in an environment dominated by ‘average’ people, there will be people there that are yet to be rich, but are carrying a rich-man mentality. If you find yourself in an area dominated by people with bad characters, even if it is one or two, there will be people with good characters there. Those are the kind of people you look for, and discuss with. Friends have power to influence your thoughts. Be warned!

3. The types of books you read: The type of BOOKS you read will always shape your thoughts. If you find yourself in an environment you don’t like, and at the same time you don’t discover people of like mind on time. You can stick to your books, so that you have something to sharpen your iron with. What you have earlier read from your selected books would help you, but you still have to read in such an environment, so that you can refresh your memory, in order not to thwart your positive mentality by negative influence and wrong mentality that breed negative thoughts.

“Then said Jesus unto him, get you hence, Satan: for it is written, you shall worship the Lord your God, and him only shall you serve.” “Then the devil left him, and behold, angels came and ministered unto him.” Mathew 4: 10 – 11.

Your thoughts are as important as your prayers. Your thoughts can make you a millionaire!

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