Crossing Over to the Other Side: A Success Principle that Everyone Should Practically and Wisely Engaged

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Mark 4:35 – And the same day, when the even was come, he said unto them, LET US PASS OVER UNTO THE OTHER SIDE.

Take it or not, in whatever you are doing, tiredness or boredom would set in at one time or another. Even if you are enjoying what you are doing day in day out, due to time lag, maybe by ageing, there would be need for a change of course. Time would always call for change, if you refuse to change and TAKE ACTION AT THE RIGHT TIME.

There are many situations in life that call for “Crossing to the other side.” Let us just mention and expatiate on some of them to serve as an eye opener.


Such situations include:
(1) When boredom or tiredness set in, in any activity you are presently undertaking.
(2) When the job you are presently doing is not propelling you forward.
(3) When you are having only one source of income.
(4) Using one method of learning and teaching.

(1) When boredom or tiredness set in, in any activity you are presently undertaking: In any activity you are undertaking, when you are bored or tired, it is a “Amber light” signalling to you to prepare to stop. When you are in the office working, it is better to stop for a while and look for another activity to engage in. You may use that opportunity to come out of your office and discuss some important issues with colleagues. It is going to be a better action than continuing a particular task after tiredness. Tiredness or when boredom sets in reduces effectiveness and efficiency. A practical suggestion has already being made during the course of expatiating this point that, you may move out of your office or change where you are located, take fresh air, and have an important short discussion with colleagues, when you are tired or bored on a particular task. You may also observe a short rest by taking a nap at the right time, if allowed in your place of work.

(2) When the job you are presently doing is not propelling you forward: Many people don’t believe you should change your job or profession. They believe that with “Persistence,” you will succeed. Take it or leave it, THIS IS NOT ALWAYS TRUE! When you are not progressing on your chosen career, maybe what you only need is to change your place of work. Sometimes, it may mean you should change your profession. “Crossing over to the other side” is an important principle that anyone: every worker, employee, blogger, entrepreneur or business person that wants to be financially successful should wisely and practically imbibed and engaged.

(3) When you are having only one source of income: All financial experts, I mean ALL, have suggested that for anyone to become a millionaire, such a person should have more than one source of income. They recommended AT LEAST THREE. Three sources of income! Most times, the main reason why employees are not fulfilled is because of lack of financial success. Being that, “financiometry” is the number one instrument being used by men in this world to measure success. In its actual sense, if you want to accelerate your momentum in becoming a millionaire, wealthy and be financially free, you need to expedite action in the application of “Crossing over to the other side” principle and join the league of those that have their day jobs or businesses and invest in at least stock market and/ or real estate.

(4) Using one method of learning and teaching: Principles are changing! Life is evolving! The way we learn has actually changed and is still changing. When any learned person (let’s say a Bachelor degree holder) is thinking of further learning, he/she will think of obtaining Master degree or Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D). Not bad! But it will shock you these days that, “Personal Development,” reading books that are written by seasoned authors is the best way/method to teaching and learning. Listen to this, after M. Sc and Ph. D, there will still be an inner urge and yearning to learn further, human beings being insatiable animals, and the last resort will be “Personal Development.” I urge us all to imbibe the ” Principle of Crossing to the other side,” that as we are pursuing academic qualifications from universities, polytechnics and colleges of education, we should also pursue those qualifications that are non-academic through personal development.

Though very risky, the principle of “Crossing to the other side” is very relevant and applicable to many situations and areas of life. These four situations are just highlighted and expatiated to serve as an eye opener to further explore successful endeavour in life.

Best wishes and regards!

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