Philosophy of the Sense Organs

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The Philosophy of Taste

The tongue has four parts for taste: Sweet, salty, sour and bitter. The front part is to taste sweet things. While the back is for bitter taste. If you want to swallow any bitter pill, if you don’t let it touch the part that detects bitterness, when you want to swallow it, you won’t know it’s bitter. You can apply the same rule to life; where you develop a habit of feeling the sweet part of every situation.

The Philosophy of Sight


If two objects are juxtaposed – placed side by side, you may choose to focus on the two or only one of them. If you focus on the two, you will see the two objects, and if you focus only on one, you will see only one, and you won’t know what the second one actually is. You may also apply this Philosophy to life, whereby you focus to see only the good sides of life.

The Philosophy of Hearing

If you are in the midst of the crowd, and everybody is talking, you can choose who you really want to listen to. Then, the voice of the chosen person is the only one that will become audible to you. You can apply this Philosophy of Hearing to life, where you develop the ability to hear and react to good news only.

The Philosophy of Touch

Definitely, if you touch a hot or a cold object, you can tell the degree of hotness or coldness of such object. If it is too hot or too cold, there is tendency to quickly remove your hand; but if it is not too hot, you can still adapt. There are some issues in life that are not as tough as you think, you can develop a tough skin to some disturbing situations in life that will make you to come out gallantly without any scratch.

The Philosophy of Smell

There are different odours around! If you choose to smell sweet savour with your nose, fine! And if you choose to smell foul odour, it is yours! Life is sweet, if you can smell it, neglect every foul odour that comes you way, and choose to feel the fresh air. You can position yourself in life in such a way that, what you savour every time will be sweet odour.

The Philosophy of the Sixth Sense

Everybody knows that there are actually 5 sense organs, but spiritual sensitivity which is referred to as Sixth sense is very important. All other five sense organs – eye, nose, ear, skin and tongue are all physical; and human beings are more than physical being. We are majorly spiritual beings; hence, we have to consider the spiritual implications of all happenings around us.

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