Art of Public Speaking Saved a Man from Death: Sometimes, you might need a licence for your defence, and the license could be expressed through public speaking

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There are times, even as a man of authority that you find yourself under a higher authority. And before you carry out any particular task, you might need to take permission. This doesn’t turn you a slave, it might be to test your humility in order to advance you.

This is the kind of situation a man, called Paul once found himself. He caused an uproar in the city because of his new believe and he was arrested. In an attempt to save himself from the mess, he did not say he wanted to forcefully speak to the public that were around.

The first thing he did was that he cooled down and he sought a licence from the chief security officer for a self defence. When he was finally given the licence, he needed to express himself to the crowd. He did it with confidence, oration, power and prowess.


These are the lessons that I learnt from this story
1) If you find yourself in an unpleasant situation, just keep calm and think of what next to do.
2) You need to learn to respect constituted authority wherever you find yourself.
3) You need to learn the art of public speaking – how to address a crowd and people.
4) Learn to speak in the language the concerned crowd understand.

One of the major skills that saved Paul from untimely death in that scenario was Public Speaking – how to address people.
Firstly, he spoke in the language they like most (Acts 21:40 & 22:2).
Secondly, he recognized every group present – he observed all protocols (Acts 22:1).
Thirdly, he identified with them (Acts 22:25).


Further Reading: Acts 21:37 t0 Acts 22:30

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Author: Peter Adewumi

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