Why Do People Yell on One Another and How It Can Be Avoided

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How will you feel dressed in suit on Monday morning, and on getting to work what welcome you is a yelling from another staff indicting you of what you have done wrong?

Yelling is distinguishably and disgustingly disturbing! It depresses and it sags. It’s rear that when you are shouted upon, you will not shout back. Yelling is an unproductive action that takes a better part of you and that of the day. Hence, it should be avoided if possible.

Why Do People Yell?
1) Transferred aggression: You don’t know what has happened to the staff wherever the fellow is coming from.
2) If they don’t like you: No matter what you do, some people will still not like you.
3) Work load: If their normal routine is more than enough for the day, and you come to add to it, this may activate a yell from them.
4) The way you address them. If you talk in a rude manner to people, they may retaliate by shouting at you, no matter who you are.


How Can a Yell Be Avoided
1) Be emotionally intelligent: You have to be intelligent emotionally to detect when aggression is being transferred. At such time, the best thing to do is to leave the location and come back later, if there is need.
2) Work on yourself to be liked by others. Though everybody in your place of work cannot like you, no matter what you do. But you can work on yourself to be liked by as many as possible. Read books on how to relate with people, and make sure you apply the principles learnt.
3) Don’t insist on what you want. When you make a request or ask for help from any office or from a worker, don’t insist that it should be done immediately.
4) Address people politely. Do not be rude to anybody even if the person is a junior staff or younger person. Accord respect to everyone, and they would give you honour in return. Let “Respect is reciprocal” Let be your watchwords.

Beware of yelling for it is counterproductive!

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