A Humorous Vignette: 4 Lessons from the Humorous Conversation between A Mother and a Daughter

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The girl slept around 3 in the afternoon, and woke up around 6:00 p.m. “Good morning ma,” she greeted her mother and the mother started laughing. As she was laughing, she said, “Go and have a wee.” And the girl replied, “Inside the dustbin?”

This conversation between the daughter and the mother may sound funny and hilarious, but there are many lessons embedded in it.

(1) We all have different perspectives concerning issues: The girl was greeting her mother on the basis that she thought it was morning. The mother was responding on a different basis that it was evening. For an agreement to be reached, they have to talk and view the matter from the same basis. To avert argument concerning any issue, you have to understand the perspective from which the other party is talking. Thereafter, you also make him/her to see the perspective you are making your assertion, there and then a consensus can be reached.


(2) When you are dealing with people, be patient with them, you never know their psychological stability as per that time: The girl was just waking up from sleep. She had not fully regained her consciousness. Had it been it was another person she greeted, the person would think she has run mad not knowing she is just waking up from slumber. The mother was patient with her until she fully regained her sanity.

(3) Give people time to reflect on your stand, they may come back to say “sorry” and dance to your tune: When the girl finally came back to life, gained consciousness and realized that she had been adamant on a wrong basis, she quickly jumped up, smiled and went to urinate in the rest room using the urinal instead of the dust bin. Don’t make people to accept your stand immediately. Give them time to think and reflect on it, and let them come back to give you feedback.

(4) Never turn a small issue into a big issue: Upon all the arguments that ensued between the mother and daughter, they both laughed it off. When a conversation results in an argument, make sure the issue is resolved before you leave the spot. Never carry resentment over; it will clog your mind of productive creativity for the length of time it dwells there.

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Author: Peter Adewumi

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