The Undergraduate Barber: Have you been turned down by people that you think love you? Don’t worry; it’s a kind of training for the future.

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There was this young man named Charles (not his real name), who got admission into a university. The university was a renowned higher citadel of knowledge; it was the dream of every serious student in the city. No sane person would want to forfeit the admission into such a university.

Charles did everything in his capacity not to forfeit the opportunity to attend a university – one of the best in the country as at that time. Charles’ dad was a contractor and his mum, a business woman. Things were not rosy for the family – The last contract his dad won was about five years ago, and her mum’s business was experiencing a downturn.

Besides Charles, there were other two children to cater for; Charles had two other siblings – Carl and Kate. His parents really tried to make the ends meet at that challenging period. They tried to get the tuition fee for their second child but all to no avail. Carl, their first son was already in the university and Kate, the queen of the house was in the final year in the high school.


They had paid the tuition fee of Carl that was about to finish, and they used the little money in their hands to pay for all the examinations Kate was about to take. They thought it was a better decision than to pay Charles’ tuition fee and left Kate a dropout. Charles, therefore, needed to look for help elsewhere. They would have sold some of their properties, but the decision unanimously reached by the five members of the family was that, “it is not a good response to a challenging situation, selling one’s assets.”

Charles resorted into visiting one of his uncles to ask for help. Actually, the “big uncle” was a very prosperous man, but as at that time, the old man had made a huge investment in a particular business, and he was praying that things should turn out in his favour. That was the time Charles visited his uncle, and his hope was dashed.

Charles did not know the reason why he was turned down. He thought in himself, “How could somebody that loved him dearly did such a bad thing to him?” He didn’t know the next step to take, and he decided to visit a very good friend of his. His friend, Jeremy told him to look for a skill he could acquire within few months that could earn him money.

Charles heeded the piece of advice from his friend. His friend had suggested Photography and Barbing. He opted for barbing, and around that time, his uncle gave him a call to come and collect a sum of money. He was able to pay his tuition fee and secured his admission. He became an undergraduate.

Charles did not say because of this he would not learn barbing again. He continued with the joint decision he had made with Jeremy. In six months, he had become a professional barber. God blessed his father with a contract, and his mum’s business started booming again; and they helped him to start the first shop.

Kate came out in flying colours passing all her exams. He was trained by her brother and she became one of the first stylists in his shop. Under two years, Charles’ shop had become three.

 Mum and dad, big uncle, Carl, Kate, and Jeremy, all rejoiced with Charles for the success recorded through undaunted zeal.

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Author: Peter Adewumi

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