Children’s Day in Nigeria

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It’s Children’s Day! The children had started disturbing right from the night earlier. As if that was part one of the show, the part two resumed with an increased disturbance in the morning of May 27, I was about to punish the children. Almost at the same time, one of them asked for his jean and shirt, I said, “it’s Monday morning,” and they all echoed, “It’s a public holiday.” There and then it came to my remembrance that it’s May 27, the Children’s Day.

Then two questions came to my mind: Do all other countries of the world observe Children’s Day? If they do, is it also on May 27? I found out that all countries of the world value children in different ways. They all observe Children’s Day in diverse versions and factions, though on different dates. Meanwhile, there is a Universal Children’s Day on November 20.

I went to market on this same day to buy some stuff in the market. The whole market was full to the brim. You would never believe there is a public holiday. Though, I’m not saying there should not be people in the market, but the traffic is too high for a public holiday. Don’t we value our children, “the leaders of tomorrow,” and celebrate with them?


This brought the memory of the way the Children’s Day was been celebrated when I was young. We would begin to prepare right from a day before, we would iron our uniform, because that was what we were going to dress in to go to the stadium to go and match. The short and the shirt must be well washed and ironed. The white socks must be white indeed; in fact, we bought new ones because there must not be any stain on it.

The whole schools we gathered at the popular stadium in the city, and the march pass would begin in earnest. Most times, the governor of the state would also be on sit with many Very Important Persons (VIPs). We would march to the best of our knowledge through trainings. We would enjoy a lot of goodies with the pocket money for the day. Thereafter, everyone would head straight to their different abodes to give a good report to their parents about the school that won the March Pass.

I would have posted this yesterday, May 27, but I was tired on my arrival from the market square. Well, I thought about it that may be the observable difference of the May 27 Children’s Day celebration was because I now live in another state of the country or due to difference in civilization.

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Author: Peter Adewumi

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