An Instrument That Made Great Men

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Many great authors have written many great books but not about “books” hitherto. How can people read books when they don’t know what books are? Even the few that do, read just for pleasure. They think “books” are just black ink – or whatever colour – on white or brown paper. It is so sympathetic to hear this.

Books are more than that. They can be likened to texts/materials which you have to read and digest to: pass exams of life, face challenges of life, tackle Satan when he comes with his temptation and to hurdle the obstacles of life.Some books will seem negative in nature, but they have to be read to understand those that practise the principles from them; but read such books prayerfully. Books are short – or long – term thoughts, revelations, experiences and conclusions from researches & studies of great minds. Thus, books are secrets of and from great minds that if read by hungry minds, they are going to be fed and become great.



How important are books that in heavens before any judgment is made books have to be consulted (Daniel 7:10)? I think as it is done in heaven, it must be done on earth. The reason why many problems remain unsolved on this planet is because we don’t consult books. Books are the banks where treasures of solutions are being kept. There are many secrets in books. Make reference to any good book today and you will agree with me that the most important objects that need to be valued are books.

In Daniel 9:2 – quoting Daniel; “In the first year of his (Darius, the son of Ahaseurus) reign, I Daniel understood from the books the number of the years, of which the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah the prophet, that he would accomplish seventy years in the desolations of Jerusalem.

It was from books Daniel got to know the secrets to his freedom from captivity. Are you having any challenge right now? Get a book on that topic you need help and what the book will deliver into your hands will be much more than the money and time you spend to buy and read it.

                                THE HANDWRITING ON THE WALL

Every book in your hand is like the “handwriting on the wall” in the book of Daniel. Many astrologers and magicians could not read it not to talk of interpreting it. It is a thing to read a book, it is another to understand and put to use what you have read. The reading and interpretation was what brought Daniel into a place of dignity and honour. He was clothed with scarlet and a chain of gold about his neck and was made the third ruler in the kingdom.

Don’t read only for pleasure – short-term value – but also for long-term value. He read and interpreted the dream not because of what he could gain immediately; but at the end, all came to him (Dan. 5).

                                 THE BANK OF SOLUTIONS

It wasn’t only Daniel that got solution to his problem from books; so also Jeremiah. He got revelation in a book about the freedom of his people and it came to pass in the time of Ezra (Ezra 1:1). If there were no record of books, the temple wouldn’t have been completed (Ezra 6:1ff). Even the enemies know its importance (Ezra 4:12-16, 18-22). Book is a bank of solution indeed.

King Ahaseurus (Xerxes) was in a dilemma, he didn’t know what to do. He got to a place where there were many routes to take. He was troubled and was searching for the way out. Then he commanded to bring the book of records of the chronicles; and they were read before the king. Lo and behold, he found the solution to the problem; somebody had done him good that God wanted him to repay; God opened his eyes to see by a book. Then, he honoured Mordecai; he bestowed upon him dignity and honour. The books of records of chronicles read brought about the solution.


Education, they say, is an investment and it leads to transformation. You are mentally loaded through it and it is a quick way to success. Without it , life is incomplete. Hear what Mike Tyson says, “I was born in the ghetto and brought up the hard way in the ghetto. I became a world champion but I have no education. Now I am a millionaire but money cannot remove the level of illiteracy in me.” What you have and you don’t value, that is what the world renowned boxer was crying for. Education without application of what you have learnt is valueless. Education has no value, if you don’t apply what you have learnt; and one of the things you have learnt when it comes to formal education is how to read and write. Then, why don’t you read books in order to gain more knowledge. Education doesn’t end when you leave school. It continues; it had even started before you leave for school. Education can never lead to transformation and you can not be loaded through it until you engage in the act of reading by putting what you have learnt in school into practice. When you read, it is the information you get that brings transformation.

A story was told about an old woman – about 80 years old- in a magazine, “Focus of Africa” who got to know the value of education and made up her mind to go to school for formal education. She did this just to know how to read and write. Somebody was crying just because she can not read and write; but you can read and write but you don’t value it. If you have what you don’t value, it is better you give it out, if not; it will become a waste. Why did you go to school? If you know that you won’t put into use all that you have learnt. Can you remember when you were in Kindergarten; you were taught how to identify and pronounce letters and pronounce, so that you might be able to read and write in nursery and primary classes.

Now you know how to read and write. Let’s agree that you write – at least you take notes in church and put things down in your diary. But do you read and study at all?  If you do, how intensive is your reading? Then, if not, you shouldn’t have gone to school.


Bishop David Oyedepo in his book; “Exploring the Secrets of Success”, page 47, lines 7 – 15 wrote about Richard Branson – the owner of Virgin Airline in Britain – who was rated eleventh wealthiest Briton some years ago. How did he achieve this? He rose to this position by the information he came across from reading a little book, “Small is Beautiful.” Branson dropped out of school at the age 19 and started business as a newspaper vendor. But the information he gathered from that little book paved the way for his great heights in business. Also in his another book’ “Understanding Financial Prosperity”, page 144, lines 13 – 17. He wrote about a prominent man of God who used to be very poor. But one day, he encountered one little book written by Kenneth E. Hagin titled, “Redeem from Sickness, Poverty and Death.” And from the insight he contacted from that book, poverty fled! And he became a wealthy and great man.

If you ask many great men about their secret of success, most of them will tell you they got it from books; even Apostle Paul was a man of books (2 Tim. 4:13). If you ask them, “how did they make it?” What is the most important instrument that culminates into their success? Their answer will boil down to the same thing. Most of them will give you the answer directly and some indirectly. Those that give direct answers will say “books”, and those that give indirect one will say things like God, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, hard work, discipline, dedication, attitude, determination etc. If all these answers are analyzed, as it has been said earlier, everything is going to boil down to “books”. If you don’t interact with the great, you can’t be great. But how? Through their books. This is what I want to establish in this chapter – “Books” is the most important tool that shapes ordinary men and make out of them great men. In Ezra 8: 2 – 3; the law Ezra read was very ancient, but the day marked something new. The Jews were becoming, in a way they had never been before, a people of the book. They were being built, with materials as strong as the stones in their newly built city wall.

                                 AN ISLE OF KNOWLEDGE           

Amos 6:1 – Woe to them that are at ease in Zion, and trust in the mountain of Samaria, who are named chief of the nations, to whom the house of Israel came!

Why are you so complacent? Have you not heard the saying – I mean a witty word that read thus, “no man is an Island of knowledge”. This is even an exaggeration; you are not an isle not to talk of an island. What do you think you have known? You have not known enough! What you have known is just a little – I mean a fractional part of what you ought to know. If you have accepted this truth, you wouldn’t have been complacent of the knowledge you possess. You cannot know everything. Let me tell you this: no matter your age or cadre in life; no matter high you have climbed on the rungs of the ladder of success, you are still a student; you just have to continue learning. If you don’t, you will start disintegrating in knowledge and understanding which in turn will affect every aspect of your life. Hear it again, you are not an isle of knowledge not to talk of an island; and if you are not learning, you are disintegrating.

You can be satisfied with what you have (possession) but not with what you are (your level as per knowledge). You seek to know more; as you are seeking, you are finding and you are growing. Never you think that you know all; know people’s stories, have their views and opinions, assess their minds, look for contradictory principles to your own and in your own mind, let there be a battle between the principles and move along with the winner.

All these can be done through willingness to read books.

                     IF YOU DON’T READ, YOU ARE A REED

A reed means unimportant person. How can you be important when you don’t attach importance to people? When you don’t read people books, what you are simply saying is that they are not important, that they can not add value to your life. Don’t forget, the law of sowing and reaping is still valid. And what you are sowing is unimportance and definitely you have to reap what you are sowing; unimportance. Therefore, if you don’t read, you will be a reed.

Have a deep though upon my poem below, may be it will help you.

                        A Broken Reed

            If you are read,

            You will have bread,

            But to be read,

            A lot you must have read.

            To be a bread–winner;

            Therefore, be a reader.

            Because if you don’t read,

            You will be a broken reed.

Knowledge is embedded in books. Books are the main abode of knowledge and if you are in search of it, go to its house; books. It is what you know that attach importance to you. And you can learn mainly through reading, that is, when you read and acquire knowledge, you become an important person and people will seek you but if otherwise, people won’t seek you because you acquire nothing that will make you important and be sought for. Consequently, you have to read in order not to be a reed.

                     TO BE A LEADER, YOU MUST BE A READER

Nobody has ever become a leader without been a reader. Every leader you see out there is a product of books. Have you ever seen any man of God – be it a Bishop, Prophet, Pastor, Evangelist or a Teacher – that doesn’t read his Bible always? It is the Word of God that makes him a man of God. So also every other leader, they have to read from books that pertain to their area of discipline: if you are a president, governor or local government chairman, you have to read books that contain rudiments of governance and politics. Better still, you have to read books that have in them the past history of the region you want to govern in other to know the best way to administer the instruments and policies available in governance of such a region without which you can not perform excellently but fumble.

 A leader is made by the qualities of books he/she has been reading from the beginning of his/her life hitherto.


i.          Folding books

ii.         Defacing books – don’t keep and read books on a dinning table.

iii.        Putting books in your pockets; especially in the back pockets.


a.         Large-sized books are better than small-sized books – the impact of a book is not in its size. Some  people don’t read small-sized books just because they think it is not loaded it is a misconception.

b.          Some people think they ought to read from some particular authors only.

c.         There is no new thing to be read. All subjects have been dealt with.

d.         Books are to be read at a particular period, for example, when an exam is very close. Books are to be read always, if possible everyday.

e.         Reading books is a waste of time

f.          Reading a particular book once is enough.

                               JOTTING IS VERY ESSENTIAL

Revelation 19:9 – And he said unto me, write, blessed are they who are called _ _ _. These are true sayings of God.

When you are reading books – both the ‘book’ and all other books; if you are attentive, you are going to be spoken to. You ask by who? By God; through His word and men. No matter how your understanding greatly is, please, I’m enjoining you to make your points, write them down.

Rev. 20:12 – _ _ _; and the books were opened; and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.

If God can put things down on books, then you must come to realization that, the secrets of many great minds are in their books, tap into it.

                               OUT OF DARKNESS!

He has taken us out of darkness into His marvelous light. On Friday morning (August 19, 2005), as I left my room to go and ease myself, I was dazed and I felt like falling down, I quickly closed my eyes. Do you know why, the light in my room was put off and when I experienced the light, it was strange, my system has already embraced the darkness in the same vein, when you are used to an habit, you will want to live it thinking that what you are doing is the right thing that it can receive applause from anywhere. But when light dawn on you (when understanding comes), you’ll not want to believe it, your system will tell you, “ride on”. If you are not reading, you are not learning Drop that habit of not reading. Tell your system to stop telling you lies. Yes, tell him!


I was reading a book “Discovering Your Destiny” by Bob Gass. When I got to page 95, I stood up and shouted “books” Why? From the first page to that page about to start chapter 13; I was underlining on almost all the pages. Was this what I’m missing when I didn’t read? Many books are tools that mode destinies indeed!

This same day, after an hectic day of reading, I was watching a local movie titled “One Love” on television. And there was this guy that wanted to become a boy by all means. She dressed as if she’s a boy and even wanted to throw her doll away I couldn’t hear the family discussion  from where I was sitting but that night’ the girl became herself, the members of her family asked a lot of questions from her. Hear her, “I read in a book that most of the boys are always playful.” She wants to become a boy simply because she wants to become playful.

On Wednesday (Aug 24, 2005); I was disturbed due to what had happened. I picked a book titled “Discovering Your Destiny” by Bob Gass. Just chapter one; I read it and was freed. Also on Saturday (August 27, 2005), I read “Secrets of the Vine” by Bruce Wilkinson; the founder and president of Walk Through the Bible Ministries; I got to what I was going through is pruning (not discipline) and it was test of faith – pages 63 – 74.

NOTE: In every new environment at a particular season, get ready for a pruning and test of faith.I have also read many books of Bishop (Dr) David O. Oyedepo. If I begin to share what those books have made out of me, this small book will not contain them.


For Ezra had prepared his heart to seek the Law of the Lord, and do it, and to teach in Israel statutes and ordinances – Ezra 7:10.

If I may ask, “which book is the most informed book all over the world?” The one that contains all subjects and topics you can and never think of; the one that inspires most; the one that corrects all actions and intents of man heart, the one that changes lifes for better and mode destinies? Only one book fits the question. The Bible – the best book you can ever talk and think of. There is no place on earth you will go that you will not find it; even in Islamic countries.Ezra does not just become the skilled scribe in the Law of Moses, he has prepared his heart to seek the Law of Moses, that is, the Law of the Lord and not only that but to do it and teach it in Israel. That is the reason he became the skilled scribe in the law, he gave his life to the book and the book made him.


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