1 Important Principle of Success

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Proverbs 12:27 – The slothful (lazy) man roasts not that which he took in hunting: but the substance of a diligent man is precious.

Hunting as a profession or as a hobby, is not an easy adventure at all. Hence, it’s going to be stupidity for anyone to kill a game and just leave it lying down on the floor when he gets home; it’s going to be trampled and start decaying.

The same principle applies to successful endeavour in life. Anything you work to earn must be protected. If you build a house, you buy a car; maintenance is required to prolong their lifespan.


The area I want to concentrate on is the area of finance. Many people would work very hard to earn money, but in no time, they would finish spending all the money on things that do not matter. A lazy man is not actually the person that doesn’t work at all but he that works and waste all the money earn. A lazy man is not the one that doesn’t buy a car, he is the one that buys a car but does not take care of it. This is obviously true because, if you don’t have a property yet, you will soon get one, but if you have and you don’t take care of it, you will soon lose it.

Laziness tends to poverty. He that is not rich yet cannot be termed a lazy person. A lazy person is the one that is rich, and doesn’t know how to put his money to work, lest he loses it. Don’t be a lazy man. Protect your property, learn the way you can put your money to work in order to multiply it instead of losing it.

Let me quickly outline the characteristics of a lazy man and a diligent one before I conclude on this issue. Of course, one is going to be opposite of the other.


  1. He works very hard but spends anyhow.
  2. He buys many properties but he doesn’t take care of them.
  3. He has a family but he doesn’t look after them.
  4. He doesn’t rest at all – he is a workaholic.


  1. He works hard and his money also works hard for him.
  2. He acquires assets (money generating properties) and maintains them.
  3. He takes proper care of his family.
  4. He takes adequate care of his body, soul and spirit. He observes rest as at when due.

Don’t be a lazy man but a diligent one, for his substance (properties) is always precious (of high value or worth).

You can as well watch this video; it will motivate you to know how to roast what you took in hunting – how to invest the money you sweat to acquire in money-producing assets.

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