Who's Your Father?

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One of my two fathers has two fathers but their ideology is different, though they both support education. One supports academic education while the other supports financial and personal development education. All the types of education are very important, but financial education is of paramount importance.

Genealogically and ideologically, the son of a man with two fathers automatically should have two fathers.   Therefore, I too have two fathers, they both support financial education. One focuses on the spiritual aspect of financial breakthrough, while the other specialises on the physical aspect of being financial literate and free.

One supports paying of tithe, the other father did not go against it, but he said you have to pay yourself first. Meaning, after you have paid your tithe, there are steps to take. “Faith without work is dead!”


You have to balance things up. You have to be spiritually sensitive and earthly conscious. You have to be spiritually great and financially buoyant. Being a spiritual giant does not automatically make you a financial success.

You have to be financial literate. After you gave God his part of the money He gave to you, you have to pay yourself first. Before you pay your expenses and debts, you have to keep part of the money to acquire assets – properties that bring more money into your pockets.

My two fathers are very good Christians. The first one is Dr David Oyedepo of Nigeria and Dr Robert Kiyosaki of United States of America. One of the latter’s best friend was President Donald Trump. With my two fathers, he also supports paying yourself first, and getting assets that pay you. Some of such assets are Business, Real Estate, Commodities like Oil and Gold, and Paper assets.

Just like Kiyosaki became his two fathers – an investor and a teacher of financial education, I also choose to become my two fathers.

Just like President Donald Trump has impact on Kiyosaki, many fathers have impacted me too, but I just decided not to mention them today. There are fathers in many great mentors and employers around the world!

Who is your father? Have you chosen well, and are you like him? Don’t forget that, “Like father, like son” is always true in all situations.

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Author: Peter Adewumi

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