A Loss Could Be a Plus

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No loss is actually a loss except one, and that is a loss of one’s soul. Let’s have a glimpse into this analogy before we finally conclude.

In the world of Mathematics, if you add a negative number to a particular number, it will reduce; but when you are subtracting a negative number from that same number, it will increase. Let’s view the negative number as a loss, when you add it, it decreases the number but when you subtract it, it increases the number.

“When you are attached emotionally to a loss, it decreases you, but when you minus it, that is when you are not attached, when you try to forget it, it increases you.”


If you are not attached to a loss emotionally, it strengthens and increases you. I have read about somebody that lost his job that became an inventor. I’ve seen someone that lost her job, and became a business woman and a CEO. I have seen a student that lost one of his parents and became very great in life. I have seen somebody that lost one business; started another one and was successful in it. No matter the kind of loss you’ve experienced or you are experiencing, with positive attitude, will strengthen and increase you.

If you don’t dwell on the loss, if you don’t continue to think on how and why it has happened. If you can put it behind and rather think on the way out, it will not mar you but make you, it will at last be a plus instead of a loss.

Most successful leaders have been reportedly lost a very important person in their lives. Despite all odds, the loss had made them, it had thought them lessons they cannot gain from nowhere. It had impacted them with the traits of great leaders. Attitude can actually turns a loss to a plus. There is no difference between a half-empty cup and a half-full cup, other than attitude and mentality.

There are different kinds of loss humanity has experienced hitherto: loss of job, loss of a loved one, loss of property, and so on. A very common one is a loss of loved one like a father or a mother; and a very rampant one is a loss of job.

Job can be lost through:
1. Downsize.
2. Mismanagement.
3. End of Contract.
4.Embezzlement by some workers,
and so on.

Have it in mind that one of the principles in operation by entrepreneurs and businessmen is “to slow to employ but fast to retrench if there is need,” it is not wickedness! Hence, be prepared! Prepare for the worst! As you’re aiming for the best, also prepare for the worst that may happen one time or another.

Almost everyone has lost a loved one, one time or another. What you are supposed to do after the loss is to mourn a little and go about your business. You can do whatever you can or go to any extent before it happens. When it has happened, there is nothing one can do again.

God forbid a loss, but if it happens due to a reason you may not fathom now, with right attitude, it’s going to result to positive results.

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Author: Peter Adewumi

Peter Adewumi is an Amazon author of "Virtues for Riches" series, "Romantic, Inspirational & Motivational Poems," "Attributes of Successful Employees," "The End Matters Most," & "A Lonely Ward in a Comely World."

17 thoughts on “A Loss Could Be a Plus

    1. Thanks Aquib. We don’t pray for a loss, but it happens sometimes due to reasons we do not know as at the time it happens. The reason would be known later, and the we would have a cause to give glory go God. Thanks once again for the read and the comment.

  1. I love your post on how to make a shadow. I tried to comment, but I couldn’t post it. May be because my batter is very low for now? Well done. I’ll come back go do it.

  2. Peter Adewumi, I enjoyed this article because it really speaks to our attitude in whatever we are faced with. Stinking thinking produces sinking. And I agree, if we prepare mentally & otherwise to face the “what ifs” in life, we are better able to spring back & keep moving. Thanks – just the reminder I needed to add to my arsenal mental fortitude!

  3. “There is no difference between a half-empty cup and a half-full cup, other than attitude and mentality.” So very true! Thank you for sharing this positive message.

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