Everyone Gives

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“Everybody gives — we give our money, our time, our love, our talents and so on. But there are ways to do it to be rewardable.”

Giving is very important in life. The surface of the earth gives water to receive from the sky. The rich gives to sustain their riches. The poor give to become rich. Though giving always precedes receiving, but it is not all giving that cumulate to getting rewards. The reason is because there are conditions that are attached to rewardable giving.

1. Willingly: It is better to give willingly. If done unwillingly, it’s always hard to experience positive results. A common example of unwilling giving is impulse buying. Do you think it’s a buying. It’s a kind of wasteful giving, because you can do without the product. Any money spent without planning is synonymous to unwilling giving. In the two scenarios, you’ll later think of it as a waste.


2. Voluntarily: Situations can force you to give. I’m not saying you should not give in such case, but it would be better if you can do it voluntarily. Involuntary giving is always done under duress, and in such condition the brain cannot remember it does it, not to talk of expecting any reward.

3. Knowledgeably: There is need to really learn principles of giving that work. If we give because every other person gives without knowing the reasons behind it, it won’t work, and it would never be rewardable. People always think, when you are talking of giving, you ate talking in terms of money only; you can give many things, including time, yourself (what you know, what you are talented in) to your community, and the the world at large among other things.

4. Wisely: There is more than knowing about everything in life. Knowing is not tantamount to doing. You must actually know how to do it and do it, and do it consistently. That is wisdom, the application of what you know.

5. At the right time: The same way there are seasons for rains and seasons for planting, there are perfect time to giving that would bring great rewards. Many people that have given and it seems that the rewards are not forthcoming, it is either it’s not time for the harvest or they have given at the wrong time.

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Author: Peter Adewumi

Peter Adewumi is an Amazon author of "Virtues for Riches" series, "Romantic, Inspirational & Motivational Poems," "Attributes of Successful Employees," "The End Matters Most," & "A Lonely Ward in a Comely World."

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  1. Fabulous post Peter..Giving is of different kind
    just as narrated in the context.The one
    giving (which comprises the 5 giving)
    I can’t stop is giving thanks to God.

  2. You are so right Peter. I believe in knowledge too, but also I believe that knowledge which we can not apply on our life is not a knowledge at all.

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