3 Hot Helplines

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There are many times we would need help. On such occasions, people begin to look for help where it can never be found. I would not blame anyone for this action, because the brain cannot function properly under stress.

Meanwhile, the only remedy to the scenario described above is to know what to do before the challenge raises its ugly head. Many people don’t want to accept the fact that they could need help sometimes, but for those that accept their human nature of not being all-in-all, there are where help can be looked for. These are 3 of them. I mean there are 3 hot helplines you need to dial first.

(1) Internal Number: Many people have been turned down times without number when they seek help from people, hence, they are discouraged from seeking help whenever they need one. Albeit, there are such times once in a while in one’s life. The first number to dial is your internal number before any other one. What do I mean? You need to have a dialogue with your self before any other person. Some people first discussed their challenges with their confidant or best friend. I want to emphatically say, “That’s wrong!” The first person you are to discuss with is your own self, your inner man. Sit down, calm down, and give it a think, and re-think, until there is a way out.


(2) Godly Number: Dialling Godly number is communing with him, praying to God to open our inner eyes to behold a befitting solution to the problem at hand. He has empowered us to solve any challenge or dicey situation. But if after we have dialled the inner number and there is no voice from within, there is a lifeline of dialling the Godly number to hear the voice from above.

(3) External Number: You can not dial an unknown number and get results. You can’t just dial any number you like, an unknown number, and hear positive response. There is no problem in dialling an external number but you have to be directed on which number to call. Internal number is easily accessible, if it’s not going through due to network challenge, your spiritual and psychological status, then you can dial Godly number. But do you know what, calling on God is to direct you to who to call. God can do anything, but He is still on the business of using men.

Anything you cannot do on your own, call on Him for direction on your path, and He will direct you on how to go about it.

“Light is sweet; how pleasant to see a new day dawning.” Ecclesiastes 11:7 (NLT).
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Peter Adewumi

Peter Adewumi is an Amazon author of "Virtues for Riches" series, "Romantic, Inspirational & Motivational Poems," "Attributes of Successful Employees," "The End Matters Most," & "A Lonely Ward in a Comely World."

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    1. Yes, thanks for the encouraging comment. It’s very original from me, but through inspiration from God. That’s my aim, to make every of my posts, if possible, 100% original.

  1. O Peter, Peter, my Brother, my Friend, it is not by chance that I clicked your blog amid the hundreds of weekly digests that come to me on Tuesdays.
    I just woke up from communing with Father. He called to His immediate Presence about an hour ago on my request to show me how to continue writing the next post I am to post about The Christian Church.
    His conclusion as He woke me up? A stop sign and a bright purple cloth rill up by the win.
    I opened my eyes. I sat up. I said, “What’s the meaning of it all, my Father?” I hear, “You asked, ‘what is riling up the wind? I don’t know, but! I do know what rill up my former life.’
    My child, the same One that rill up the winds in your soul to stop your traveling in the wings of deception? That’s what is riling up the souls of My children nowadays.
    The wind of My Spirit is to rill up the souls of My most selected children. One by one. Two of a tribal family. One of a city I am reaching them.”
    Next? I came to my inbox and without hesitation clicked your blog only to find the confirmation of what Father just revealed to me. Wow!
    When I finish recording these things? I know now what I will post in my three personal blogs as per His leading, If you are led? Click, http://www.dietobealive.com/ https://www.thia-basilia.com/archives/30666 https://thiasjournal.wordpress.com/
    Much love, thiaBasilia. 🙂

      1. My Brother, more inspiration. Every single morning new mercies I see and get from His loving hand. Truly He is for Himself for a good reason. Check Today’s post in any of the sites I sent to you. Talking about an spiritual break for your truly? There you shall witness. Much love, your sister. No more thiaBasilia. ???? 🙂

          1. Look my Brother! The Wind of His Spirit is moving here. What joy! In three days since I started posting again in A Life Meant to Impact? I got me 200 Follows!
            Congratulations on getting 200 total follows on A Life Meant To Impact!
            Your current tally is 201. All honor be to Him Whom we serve. Your sister, no more thiaBasilia. 🙂

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