God's Generals 6: John Graham Lake

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When a christian tries to live by reason, he is moving out of God’s country into the enemy’s land.

John G. Lake

I’ll try to round up today to give room for other topics that are burning in my heart. Hence, other great names when it comes to ministry, along with John G. Lake, will be made mention of.
John Graham Lake is a man of healing, and as some of us have already known, a great apostle to southern part of Africa, precisely South Africa.


If your ministry is following the commands of Jesus, then signs and wonders will follow you.

It was the ministry of John Alexander Dowie that produced John G. Lake. 
In 1913, the amazing thing is that, John G. Lake also met Maria Etter that John Dowie was criticising in 1913. Maria happened to grow bigger in all areas, and she even outlived him by 17 years. Another secret of Maria is that her ministry had an intercessor in person of John G. Scheppe.
Only Aimee Semple McPherson (a woman) surpassed Maria’s church-building capacity, the reason being that she emulated much of Etter’s style. This is wisdom on the part of John G. Lake!
August Fcich was an associate pastor of Better. Maria’s teachings and meetings paved the way for the founding of many pentecostal denominations including The Assemblies of God, Foursquare, and other similar denominations. 
AIMEE SEMPLE MCPHERSON RECEIVED ETTER MANTLE. FROM McPERSON TO KATHRYN KUHLMAN. FROM KUHLMAN TO BENNY HINN (though he disagreed, a great pastor and healing evangelist from Orlando, Florida.

Styles of ministry and methods of ministry will vary from person to person. No one person will operate in the same way because we are all individuals and there are different generations to reach.

The book made mention of:
*E.W. Kenyon – The great author and founder of Bethel Bible school;
*F.F. Bosworth – a disciple of Dowie. There is one thing I learnt from Bosworth’s life. When his master was in rivalry with Maria Woodworth-Etter, he applied wisdom and attended most of Maria’s meetings. THE SAME WITH JOHN G. LAKE!

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