God's General 4: Charles Fox Parham

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As documented in Roberts Liardon’s book, I’ve written about 3 out of 12 God’s generals earlier: John Alexander DowieMaria Beula Woodworth-Etter, and Evan Roberts.

Among notable healings of Dowie are: Amanda Hicks (Cousin of Lincoln), John G. Lake’s wife – Are you surprised? Yes, a man of God’s wife! And the wife of a United States Congressman. Don’t forget Dowie was the one that prophesied the coming of radio and television to our generation. His ministry produced John G. Lake – the great apostle to South Africa.


Rev. Charles Fox Parham


The next on the line is Charles Fox Parham. He is called “The father of Pentecost”; and he is one of the disciples of Alexander Dowie. Parham took off the ministry where Dowie stopped. Born on June 4, 1873 in Muscatine (Iowa). He was called to the ministry at tender age of 9.

He heard the stories about the conditions of poverty that accompanied minstry. He was discourages, looked upon. Other professions looked appealing, and he developed great interest in another profession. Soon he denied his calling and began to backslide. Parham married his convert, Sarah Thistlewaite after six months courtship.

He mostly engaged praying in tongues which is one of the most powerful forms of spiritual intercession. In Houston,  Parham met William J. Seymour (which is going to be God’s general 5). Seymour (a black) was groomed in Parham’s school.

Parham was so humbled that when he started ministry, he used F. F. Bosworth’s home for meetings. You would not believe that Gordon Lindsay got born again under Parham’s ministration in the Winter of 1924. Gordon Lindsay was John Alaxander Dowie’s offical biographer. His life and ministry resulted in the great interdenominational college, Christ for the Nations in Dallas, Texas.

Parham died in January 29, 1929 at 56. What a successful impact and end!

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