God’s General 2: Maria Beula Woodworth–Etter

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Maria Beula Woodworth-Etter (1844 – 1925) was a demonstrator of the Spirit. She got born again when she was 13 years old. She was nicknamed grandmother of the pentecostal movement. She stood to her feet in the mid-nineteenth century when women couldn’t even vote in a national election.

Lessons Learnt from Her life
1. Maria lost 5 out of her 6 children, yet she stood for God never wavering.
2. When we directly disobey God, our actions open the door to the works of the devil.
3. A story was told of a man, that attended Maria’s meeting and fell into trance. He saw heaven and hell, and he said:

I regretted having spent 60 years lost in religion, never knowing Jesus Christ personally.


What does it mean by “Trance” mentioned above?
There are 4 ways God manifests in a vision including trance:
1. Inner Vision: The picture you see in your spirit (inner man).
2. Open Vision: This is like watching a movie screen open up in front of you as it displays a scene God wants to show you.
3. Night Vision: We commonly called night visions, dreams.
4. Trance: In this type of vision, you’re not asleep but natural abilities are frozen.
So God can minister whatever is needed and whoever is needed!

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