The Deadliest Disease Called CMS

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Malaria was once the deadliest disease before its treatment was discovered. It can kill within seven days. Then HIV/AIDS mounted the throne, though it can be managed, but the battle to find its permanent cure is still on-going. Do you know that HIV/AIDS is not as deadly as Malaria if not that its cure has been discovered? I don’t think this should be a shocking revelation! I don’t want to talk about Ebola, and other diseases that are yet to show their faces.

Malaria was very deadly. It is very conspicuous from the number of days its carrier have left on earth. In fact it is deadlier than HIV/AIDS as pointed out earlier. The reason being that, the carrier of HIV/AIDS can still live normally.

Meanwhile, the deadliest disease is now on the throne, the king of all diseases, it is called CMS. Are you searching the internet using Google to know more about this? Just relax, it had been in existence but I just discovered it, and give it this new name. When Malaria was first discovered, it had no name, just like all other diseases. It had killed many in a short period of time before it was discovered, and given a name.


CMS is deadliest of all diseases due to the following reasons:

  1. Unlike other diseases, it is affecting the whole world, all nations, and almost all the citizens.
  2. Other diseases start from a small place and begins to spread out to other places, but CMS affects almost everyone.
  3. It can reduce a whole nation to a dumping ground.
  4. It can make destinies grounded.
  5. It can make anybody penniless.
  6. It can make one to be at the same spot all the time.

I coined the name CMS to mean Consumer Mentality Syndrome. I wish you permit it to be so! Everyone consumes something. The irony of this is that not everyone produces something. If everyone consumes, why is everyone not producing? We take our baths every morning, with soaps produced by a company started by someone. We brushed our mouths with toothpastes started by someone. We watch programmes about celebrities on televisions. We listen to news about great men and their exploits on radio stations. We listen to podcasts developed by entrepreneurs and experts in their fields. We searched Google everyday for relevant pieces of information uploaded online by some people.

Can’t everyone produce something that everybody would need on daily basis? Can’t everyone do what will make him/her a celebrity in his/her time? Can’t everyone put something the whole world would need online? If few people are producing, and larger percentage are consuming, how can there be an equilibrium? A system that lacks equilibrium is a diseased and non-functional system! This is the reason why many nations remain third world nations, and many individuals are grounded. There is nothing wrong with consuming, but many things are wrong with not producing.

We’re so used to this system (consumer mentality) that it has become part and parcel of us, and it has turned a disease. I’m not saying it’s bad to consume things and pieces of information, but my point of argument is that, “If everyone consumes one thing or the other, can’t everyone produce something?”

You have to be relevant in your world, if all trees and plants are relevant, why not all human beings? Even all (I mean all) stones are relevant! Why are only few people impacting the world and their society? The more we have world ‘impacters,’ the better the world would be.

If we can all think and produce something, I bet it with you, better will this our world be, and our nations, especially the developing and third world countries, will all be cured of this disease called Consumer Mentality Syndrome (CMS).

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© 2018 Peter F. Adewumi

Salvation still remains the number one condition to enjoy God’s blessings here on earth and to make it to heaven. It quickens our dead souls to receive of and from the Lord.

If you think you need salvation, it’s as simple as ABC.

  1. Accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, and receive Him into your life (John 1:12a).
  2. Believe unto righteousness with your heart (John 1:12c, Romans 10:10a).
  3. Confess with your mouth. With the mouth, confession is made unto salvation (Romans10:10b).

Say this:

“Dear Jesus, I accept you as my Lord and Saviour. I recognize your death because of me on the Cross of Calvary. I accept you into my heart this day, so that you can turn me a new creature. I confess all my sins (mention them, if you can), I renounce and forsake them henceforth. I’ll never go back to my vomit, in your mighty name. Amen!”

You’re now born again! If you need counseling about life and how to grow in grace, visit a living church near your house.

Best wishes and regards!


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Author: Peter Adewumi

Peter Adewumi is an Amazon author of "Virtues for Riches" series, "Romantic, Inspirational & Motivational Poems," "Attributes of Successful Employees," "The End Matters Most," & "A Lonely Ward in a Comely World."

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  1. This is really insightful. We always think what the world has given us but not the vice versa. We all can give something back to the world at our own levels if not at the large scale.
    Thanks for sharing brother.

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