10 Ways Christianity Has Ruined Us

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Christianity has ruined us in many ways among which are:

1. We are heavenly conscious and no more earthly conscious: Why is it that we were not received to heaven the day we gave our life to Jesus? If I may say, it is simply because there are jobs to do on the surface of the earth for us. You can’t just be saved through somebody and God won’t save some people through you! And there are rewards for that. Meanwhile, we are so engulfed with God’s works, that we’re not even expecting the rewards, and what you don’t expect, you can never experience. We’re so heavenly minded, that we’ve forgotten the earthly riches? There is nothing wrong with earthly riches, it’s meant for us, and it’s the extension of heavenly riches to the Christians on earth. Don’t forget we have between 70 and 120 years to spend here on earth, if Jesus tarries.

2. We are spiritually conscious and no more bodily conscious: We all know that we’re tripartite being. We’re made of body, soul, and spirit. Most of us are so spiritually conscious that we‘re neglecting the body. Have we forgotten that without the body, our spirit man cannot do any work for the kingdom here on earth? Most of us don’t think of our health any longer. There is no problem on being spiritually conscious, but many things are wrong with not being bodily conscious. God wish us above all things that we proper, even as our souls prosper.


3. We are full of Holy Spirit and no more of vigour: It’s a great thing to be full of the Holy Spirit. All successful Christians of the old were! Without Him, we can’t succeed in our Christian race, but I want to remind us that all races require vigour. Though bodily exercise may profit a little, and godliness may be a great gain. Nonetheless, there is nothing that can be exchanged for that little profit. Hence, as we exercise our spirit, let us also take time to exercise our body.

4. We spent a lot of time with God neglecting others: There is nothing wrong with spending time with God, but spending a lot of time with God may be dangerous. If you do, you may just find yourself in Heaven. If you’re lucky to come back, how will you have time to carry out the pieces of instruction He has dished out to you? You need to spend time with the brethren and all other men. Don’t kill yourself untimely by overstaying in the presence of God. Men have to see your manifestations. Radiating God’s glory in His presence adds nothing to God, but doing it in the presence of men gives glory to Him.

5. We give all to God but not at all to men: We give praise, adoration, and offering to God. Most of us have forgotten that He has told us that when we give to the people of this world, we have given unto Him. I’m not saying we should not pay our tithe into His house, and I’m not saying we should not give our offerings. These are good and correct spiritual practices, but most of our blessings are still at stake just because we don’t give to men – our parents, the destitute, the poor, the sick, the widow, the widower, and the strangers among others. Though we have to be discrete and wise in doing this! We should not let it come to our mind that, are the Church not giving to them? You may be part of the church, yet, you have to carry out this herculean task in your own little way. It pays off!

6. We want angels to do everything for us, neglecting what God has empowered us to do: God has empowered us to do many things on our own, yet most of us are still waiting for God to send His angels to help us. God can do it, but He would not do this most times, simply because He has given you power to do it. Just trust Him and His power in you, and launch out.

7. We want God to fight for us where we can easily fight and win the battle: There are some battles that are too small for you to fight, yet you want God to come and fight the battle for you. Our God is too big for such battles, fight it and you would win, it’s already a won battle.

8. We have all turned to biblical researchers neglecting other research areas: We have experts in every area of life. Pastors are the experts in spiritual things! There is nothing wrong in being very spiritual, but most of us are doing it to the negligence of our own area. Thank God you research into the Bible everyday, but what about your own field? Can pastors come and carry out researches in your own field? If we want our nations to move forward, we all have to concentrate mostly on our calling and profession. There is nothing wrong in praying for the kingdom and for yourselves, I’m sorry I’m not being canal, don’t over-do it, your pastor is praying for you. Concentrate on researches in your own specialization, the one your pastor can’t do for you.

9. Spirituality has blindfolded us from reality: Some of us are so spiritual that we close our eyes to the things of this world. Some of us don’t participate in politics, we don’t practice our enfranchisement, and yet we keep complaining of bad governance. If I may tell you, “You don’t have any right to lodge any complaint, just because you didn’t act the way you ought to. Thank God for your prayers during electioneering process, but do you go out to vote? As Christians, we have to open our eyes to the reality of life. God will never come down to come and rule us, He’s going to use one of us.

10. Heavenly riches have sealed our mind of financial freedom: Many of us radiate joy everyday because God has shown us His mansions that are meant for us when we get to heaven – those golden streets, golden houses, in fact, everything was made of pure Gold. Yet, some Christians are living poorly here on earth. Don’t you know poverty can make you lose heaven? Don’t you know poverty may lead you to hell? I would not say much about this. Are you saying God’s time is the best? Yes, God’s time is the best. Every time is God’s time for true Christians. Until Jabez woke up, his time never came.

Conclusion: Never think I’ve backslidden, salvation still remains the number one condition to enjoy His blessings here on earth and to make it to heaven.

If you think you need salvation, it is simple as ABC.

  1. Accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, and receive Him into your life (John 1:12a).
  2. Believe unto righteousness with your heart (John 1:12c, Romans 10:10a).
  3. Confess with your mouth. With the mouth, confession is made unto salvation (Romans10:10b).

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Author: Peter Adewumi

Peter Adewumi is an Amazon author of "Virtues for Riches" series, "Romantic, Inspirational & Motivational Poems," "Attributes of Successful Employees," "The End Matters Most," & "A Lonely Ward in a Comely World."

0 thoughts on “10 Ways Christianity Has Ruined Us

  1. Great post..as a moslem i see jesus as a messanger from God..
    But i agree with the points u mentioned . .it is also a problem in islam also…i think the reason is that we do not know how to use religion as a way to operate our life..in all fields..
    God bless u …
    Best wishes..

    1. Thanks my friend Sohair. We all have to wake up to our responsibilities, every promise of God to us is a covenant. It has responsibilities attached, and until we do our own part, God may not do His. I appreciate you a lot for the read and the comment. Best wishes and regards!

    1. You’re welcome sir Dynaxty. It’s what cannot do God would do for us and on our behalf. Like He can come in by His Spirit, when we’re under- or over-performing. Thanks for reading and commenting. Keep on growing in all areas!

  2. Hmmm so true sir. We have a little problem in church that has been discouraging members of my department. But all we keep hearing from the leadership is that you are doing for God or we are praying for you. Sir I haven’t seen any form of physical encouragement which I think is also needful.

    1. Ma, though motivation must first come from within, notwithstanding it can also come from without. My prayer is that God should always empower us to fill the gap. If there is any gap in wherever we are, may be God put us there to fill such gap. I pray that God should strengthen us to make us fit for His work and His kingdom, and to work effortlessly and effectively without retiring into the world.

  3. Amazing.. You made lots of vital points and I totally agree with you. Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t going away. Believe me, this is nothing but the truth and it ain’t going away.
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. I appreciate your blunt comment. Whenever I re-read articles like this, I feel like editing it, but I have vowed never to change my posts, except ‘typos.’ Thanks a lot and God bless.

    1. The world is talking about those that have not given their life to Christ. And we can’t say because we will get to heaven one day, and not explore and make it on earth before we go to rest eternally.

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