True Life Story: The Man Who Has Met 4 of His Angels

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If you’re not an employer, then you have to be an employee. This reminds me of when I was jobless. I never was, but just for three months. If you’ve experienced this before, you’ll understand it’s good to work, not for the money alone, but for prestige and healthy state of mind. You have to be working; being employed is very important. These are the reasons why:

  1. It’s a commandment from God to work, if you don’t, you are sinning;
  2. An idle hand is the devil’s workshop;
  3. If you don’t work, you’re not supposed to eat; and
  4. God always bless His people through the work of our hands.

During my short period of unemployment, I experienced hell, but let’s leave the details for another time. Notwithstanding, God intervened by sending some of my angels to me.

  1. He did not send my angel that had been with me from when I was put to bed (How I wish I know his name);
  2. He did not send Angel Uriel,
  3. He did not send Angel Gabriel; and
  4. He did not send Angel Michael.

The four (4) angels He sent were listed below. How can I forget these angels?

  1. My pastor, representing God on earth, was praying fervently for me; besides mine, Jesus’, and Holy Ghost’s prayer.
  2. My wife, staying by my side without which I’m not complete. Maybe loneliness would have cut my life short.
  3. My mother, whom will always call (not minding our age and parenthood stage) to ask for our welfare.
  4. My employer, who doesn’t see me the ways others do, but the way I see myself. He sees me delivering what I said I would offer the company.

Now the Challenge

Besides the depletion of ozone layer, one of the other generalized problems in the whole world is unemployment. Population explosion which leads to increase in yearly population of graduates is one of the factors that culminate into this problem. The victims of this phenomenon are looking up to those that can help out and lift them up out of the mire.

You have to be somebody’s angel one day. There is a notion that, “angels live among men.” You don’t need to look for the angel elsewhere, you can be that angel. With vision you can! Vision transforms ordinary people to supernatural beings!

Vision strengthens you, energizes you, and gives you long life. I have read of a 63-year old retiree that still lived to be 110 years old. It’s as a result of vision – The vision to help humanity, the vision to impact the populace, and the vision to be an angelic instrument of life to the whole world.

The vision to solve the problem of unemployment and other world-class problems through any means you can employ. You are an angel, but being an angel is not enough. You have to be somebody’s angel!

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Author: Peter Adewumi

Peter Adewumi is an Amazon author of "Virtues for Riches" series, "Romantic, Inspirational & Motivational Poems," "Attributes of Successful Employees," "The End Matters Most," & "A Lonely Ward in a Comely World."

54 thoughts on “True Life Story: The Man Who Has Met 4 of His Angels

  1. It’s very generous of you to appreciate the ones who cares for you, whatever the situation is. Good or bad..
    Thanks for sharing your experience. You are right that An idle hand is the devil’s workshop. This simple line has the eternal truth behind.

    1. We’re inspired to inspire others to be the best they could be. That is when the best within us can also come to the open. Thanks for the read and the inspiring comment. Best wishes!

  2. Ambition and passion to excel in life is everything. I was in such a state at some point in my life too and I would sit and wonder.. ‘How do people who don’t work survive? – mentally I mean. Like.. it would drive me insane! I would refresh my emails every single day, apply for jobs, network, keep myself busy with writing or just anything that’d console me that i’m being ‘productive’. Also, my independent nature got me wondering too, ‘How do people enjoy living off other’s left over bread crumbs.. I mean literally living off people by asking hand outs from friends and relatives.’ It made me realize so much about myself that being idle is not healthy at all. I’m a go-getter and thankfully, my hard work and prayers paid off. However, it’s not easy getting employment so you realize your determination to succeed. This tells a lot about you. God saw you efforts and blessed you with the fruits you sowed.

  3. I really like your Focus Peter, of course there are Heavenly Angels but yes we Love those who Love us and show it.
    I see my friends as my Angels and will be Posting about their friendship soon, they have cried with me and for me and we have rejoiced and Prayed together many times over the years too but New friends can also become Close friends so I welcome them too but perhaps I need some good advice so I don’t get hurt by those who are not genuine, some say I’m too Trusting but I have reasons to be that way, anyway good advice is never wasted.
    Christian Love Peter and God’s Blessings
    Anne ( Grannie Annie)

  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting about the walk in nature — it is my favorite place to just get away from the hustle and bustle of life which on any given day can be overwhelming in itself, let along trying to follow, and comprehend, the never-ending state of the world outside our back door. It is very scary times we live in now. The park is just 3/4s of a mile from my house – it is a place to let my mind be a clean slate and take in the beauty of nature and life which is pure and simple. I like your site … there is much to see here and your home page has some beautiful pictures. I have followed you as well to ensure I read your motivational words.

    1. Thanks for the follow. Oh, it’s a park, that is nice, the environment of where I work looks like one. And yearly/I always male sure, we visit a Zoological garden. Good idea! Good habit!

          1. Thanks, I left shortly after I wrote a reply. I work from home and sometimes I will pop in to visit “Reader” during the day for a little break. Thank you and look forward to your posts as well.

          2. Thank you – I have been working from home since 2011…worked in a small office (legal secretary for a labor attorney on the management side) … got laid off, my mom fell ill and then I got hired back by that same attorney in 2011. I like it as I commuted to Detroit for years. My boss and I left the large law firm in February 2003 after a bad merger with a larger firm and went out on our own … that meant two buses each way to work. I drove in nice weather. I enjoy the freedom of working from home and would have never started the walking or writing had I still worked on site.

          3. Sadly that is true – also my boss will turn 71 next month and he is starting to wind down the practice. He does not want to retire, but business is getting slow again. When we left, we were very busy and took 62 clients (all our clients) with us. The firm that acquired us wanted to raise Robb’s rates $150.00/hour and he did not want to do that to his clients. He promised to be in business until I was 65 and could collect social security at that time … I will be 62 in April … so now he says “well, you could collect social security at age 62” … that is true. He is a workaholic and intended to “die with his boots on” like his father who was still practicing law until age 82, then he had kidney disease and was in the hospital and passed away, so my boss had to close down his father’s practice. I will not like to look for a job in a regular office and will see if I can find something working from home … hopefully, he does not retire for a few years. His son graduates from law school this year … he attends school in Chicago, but he has no desire to take over Robb’s practice as he doesn’t like labor law. I do have a nest egg, but want to be careful and not take social security too soon.

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