What You Don't Have is for Your Good

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There is an African proverb that goes thus: “A cow that has no tail, God takes care of the flies that disturb it.” Isn’t it clear that what others have, and it doesn’t have is for its good? Other cows have to take charge in battling different types of flies that disturb them by landing on their bodies; but in the case of the one that has no tail, God takes charge of that. Which one is better?

What prompted me to this post this morning is this: As I was ruminating on what to post, I was directed to Youtube from a blog I visited, and as I was watching video clips, I watched as many animals’ fight as possible, and I saw that most of the animals killed by the lions were killed by being attacked first from their tails.

Now hear this, why should animals that have no tails,  that served as dead traps to some animals in the jungle, be crying for such. It’s because of their ignorance. So, if you don’t have it, it’s for your own good at the moment, or may be you don’t need it for the moment.


I have learnt 3 lessons from this (3 Lessons from Tailless Animals):

  1. Whatever I don’t have now is for my good: Who knows if I possess it , may be it’s going to lead to death?
  2. No time is too late to get it: I’ve seen animals cut by the tails, and the tails grow back to normal. Are you asking for what’s responsible? The same process that makes an earthworm cut into two to survive.
  3. Having everything is bad: There must be something you need at every point in time. If you are all-in-all, you’ll not believe in God. And this is the most dangerous thing that can happen to man. Dangerous than meeting a lion in the jungle without any weapon!

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Author: Peter Adewumi

Peter Adewumi is an Amazon author of "Virtues for Riches" series, "Romantic, Inspirational & Motivational Poems," "Attributes of Successful Employees," "The End Matters Most," & "A Lonely Ward in a Comely World."

0 thoughts on “What You Don't Have is for Your Good

    1. Thanks sir, for the reading and the comment. I read from the apostle over our church that all we need to have our needs met is God. This is to validate that, “there must be something we need at every point in time that will need God for – that is what keeps us moving in life till we spend the required number of years in order to fulfill destiny. Any deviation from that is death – when that man said he already had enough, that was when his life was taken from him. He was saying he needed nothing, and God replied by saying, “then give me back my life.” What a disastrous ending!

  1. I wondered why I didn’t have a tail, good Allegory Peter and yes although we are Created higher than the Animals we like them are Created for a Purpose and everything God made He said was very good but than there was the Fall and suffering and death came and Satan as we know now controls this Earth but not for long.(1John 5:18-20)
    Christian Love and Blessings – Anne.

    1. Sure! There is going to be an end to all the stupid devil’s manipulations and wiles. And he is going to be judged eternally. That is when all the saints will have true peace, and there shall peace forever more. Thanks for reading and commenting. May the Lord continue to bless you and your ministry.

  2. Hello? how is your day? wow, it is wonderful to realise that what we do not have may for our own good.
    God knows what we need and he will provide us at the right time.
    Above all things, it’s a great wisdom to be satisfied with what we have.

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