10 Don’ts of an Achiever

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As there are uncountable do’s of an achiever, so also there are many don’ts of an achiever. Among the don’s are as follows.

  1. An achiever doesn’t have a divided attention at every point in time.

Whatever achievers are doing at any point in time, they pay total attention and they give it a non-divided concentration. That is the reason they come out with flying colours in whatever they do.

  1. An achiever doesn’t go for pleasure at the wrong time.

There is nothing wrong with having pleasurable moments in life, but there is everything wrong with having them at the wrong time. Having pleasures at a wrong time is a waste – a waste of time, money, and resources.

  1. An achiever always does things that are different from what others are doing.

What others are doing that makes them successful always serve as a pointer to what every achiever should do. After doing all that they have done, then, you need to think of what to add in order to have a better result. Every achiever is wise to always take this step when it comes to taking action. You can’t do it the same way and get a different result!

  1. An achiever doesn’t see failures as strange.

Achievers don’t see failures as strange. Don’t you know failures bring them money as well as success! Failures is what cumulate into experience, and when you’re seeking for their counsel (consultation), you have to pay for it. Or is there any place consultation is free? They are always happy to fail. Failures always push all achievers to success.

  1. An achiever doesn’t hate work.

Ordinarily work sags! Who doesn’t like free things/stuffs? But if I will throw you a surprise, nothing is free! You can research it. That is the reason all achievers like to work and do it very hard. If it comes easily, you’ll do the work later, but if it comes by hard work, you rest and enjoy later. Which option do you prefer? Work is a channel by which God bless all His obedient children.

  1. An achiever doesn’t have time for unnecessary discussion.

Time is money, if you waste time, it then means you’re wasting money. Who loves to waste money? If nobody, then why do you waste time? Since wasting time is tantamount to wasting money. Therefore, all unnecessary discussions that are not on ‘business matters’ are not part of all achievers.

  1. An achiever doesn’t spend their time on frivolities.

Frivolities are unimportant things. It’s a little bit different from unnecessary discussions. The latter (Point 6) requires others, but the former is all about you alone doing what doesn’t cumulate to your success. All achievers always spend their time on things that are productive (not on counter-productive adventures) whenever they are alone.

  1. An achiever doesn’t assign their success only to their efforts.

All achievers know that you cannot do it all alone. You need God and  others (in terms of their experience – failures). Or will you like to fail where they have failed before? It’s foolishness to do that. All achievers give honour to whom honour is due, they give recognition to everyone that has impact on their success, and this leads to more success. In its real sense, there are no SELF-MADE millionaires, this is just to tell you that everything stepped and stemmed up from them.

  1. An achiever doesn’t rest on his/her oars.

All achievers always do more. They never relent on their efforts to build on their achievements. Success is never final! I have never seen a totally successful man. Success is never ending! Nobody has used 10% of his/her God-given capacity on the surface of earth (Science affirms the truth).

  1. An achiever doesn’t allow his/her success to die.

All achievers know they would die one day, though at a good old age . They believe in God. (No atheist can be an achiever, because when he/she dies, all his/her achievement dies.) All true achievers believe in God, and their success succeeds them. Hence, they have a successor – either in their children or those they have trained. This is the legacy with which every achiever lives on. If you don’t know your successor, you can never be a true achiever.

I’ll appreciate you adding to the list for the benefit of all readers (including myself). The list is unending. This is just 10 out of them.

Best wishes and regards!

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Author: Peter Adewumi

Peter Adewumi is an Amazon author of "Virtues for Riches" series, "Romantic, Inspirational & Motivational Poems," "Attributes of Successful Employees," "The End Matters Most," & "A Lonely Ward in a Comely World."

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    1. I didn’t give it that thought. I wanted to make it 5, then I ended at 8. I asked myself, “can’t I make it 10?” It was a very hard work to make the list exactly 10. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  1. A great Truth Peter…..”All true Achievers believe in God and their success succeeds them”
    Yes what does it profit us to gain the whole World but loose our own soul.
    Thank you Peter for your informative and helpful guidelines, for me to achieve I need to first Trust and Obey The Lord because there is no other way that leads to Eternal Success.
    God’s Blessings – Anne.

    1. We’re all born achievers, but some of us would not take steps unless we’re pushed. That is the reason for the inspiration to put this article up. Thanks ladycee for your support always. God bless you abundantly.

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