Make a U-Turn

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It’s not everybody that gets it right from the beginning. In fact, a high percentage of people don’t get it the first time. If you’re one of those people, and you are hesitating on what decision to take, no matter the number of years and a number of efforts you have put in, the best decision to make is to make a U-turn, and go and begin again, but this time on the right path. You cannot continue a journey on a wrong path and hope to get there. Even if you spend one million years, it’s going to be a waste of time.

  1. The earlier you make a U-turn the better

It is good to start earlier in life, all things being equal. The same law holds for making a 1800 turn when you realize you have made a wrong decision and that you are treading on the wrong path. As said earlier, a wrong decision in life, profession, and career can actually be corrected, though it has its cost, the earlier you make the change, the better. It’s only in marriage you are not permitted to turn back.

  1. The faster you make a U-turn the better

When you have realized your mistake, that you have taken a wrong route to your destination and successful endeavor in life, the best thing is to make a U-turn at the first intersection you come across, at a very slight opportunity you have. Any attempt to pass by an authorized spot to do that may be costlier. You may want to make the turn in an unauthorized spot in a wrong way, and this can lead to a doom.

  1. The wiser you make a U-turn the better

There is nothing wrong in starting a question you have solved wrongly again. It’s only a wise person that can approach a problem severally with different approaches in order to arrive at the right answer. When you get it right, you’ll know, hence, you’re supposed to be wise, not to assume you’ve gotten it right, when you are not. Be wise and be truthful to yourself, and make a turn, at the spot you ought to make it, neglecting whatever good reasons people might cite so that you don’t quit. If it’s on the wrong path, you’re permitted to quit. In fact, it is a wise decision to do so.

If you don’t make it right from the beginning, make a U-turn!

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Author: Peter Adewumi

Peter Adewumi is an Amazon author of "Virtues for Riches" series, "Romantic, Inspirational & Motivational Poems," "Attributes of Successful Employees," "The End Matters Most," & "A Lonely Ward in a Comely World."

0 thoughts on “Make a U-Turn

  1. Hello ! Again very powerful and informative post from you . 👍 in the strategic management class when i was doing my mba, our teacher had taught a topic which could be related this.. its called Pivot. . Which means that your core is stabil .. you can change your strategy According to your results .. its pivoting.. 👍 your topic reminded me this one .. İ just wanted to share 😊 happy and fruitful sunday 😊 Best

  2. Thank you for the post my friend.
    I find it very worthy to apply to my daily life.
    There is a quote that say that a failure is an opportunity to start again but this time more intelligently.
    When we fail, and obviously we will in some point of our life. We will be wise enough to accept that we have hit a roadblock and we have to find a way around the obstacle.
    At certain times, we realize that we were at the wrong path from the beggining and we have to start in a different path and from zero.
    In such cases. We still have alor of experience gained from our first journey.
    The chances for you to fail agai n will be minimal as you have spotted the pittfals and you are ready to avoid them next time.
    As we start a new week. Let us think of what my brother petter have just said and make a u-turn in those sections of life that we have failed.
    Otherwise. Have a blessed week.
    Thank you for such a great post.

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