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 Under Four things the earth cannot bear up (Proverbs 30: 21 – 23):

 (1) When a servant reigns

 (2) When a fool is filled with food


 (3) When unloved woman married

 (4) When a maidservant (an heir to her mistress) married.

Why couldn’t the earth bear these up? It is simply because of their background – Who they were.

Though the earth cannot bear this up, Heaven is happy and joyous about it. That is God at work. God’s blessings are not based on one’s background. It is based on covenant, and most time, on your walking with Him. It is only when you walk with Him that you can end up gloriously.

 See the catalogs of life that the Lord has changed for better, though the earth cannot bear them up. They agitated, fought and tried their best, yet all to no avail.

David – a born Shepherd became a king (2 Samuel 7:8).

Esther – an orphan became a queen (Esther 2: 7 & 17).

Jephthah – A harlot’s child became the leader of his siblings (Judges 11:6).

Gideon – the poorest and the least in his father’s house became a leader (Judges 6:15).

Joseph – second to the last born became a Prime Minister (Gen 41:40).

Moses – a man like you became God’s friend (Exodus 33:11).

Abraham – a childless nomad became very wealthy (Genesis 14:14).

Saul – a Christians’ persecutor became an apostle (Acts 9:5).

Hiram – a widow’s son (his father is of Tyre) became a king (1 Kings 7:13).

The Clan of Korah – a rebel (who died in his rebellion against Moses –Numbers 16) became members of Temple Choir (1 Chronicles 6:31 – 37 & Psalms 8:8).

Ruth – a woman from Moab (a cursed city) became the mother of Obed – a lineage where Jesus came through [Boaz – Obed – Jesse – David].

Jabez – a wretched man became wealthy in less than three months.

Jesus – a carpenter’s son became the Messiah (John 1:41; 4:25).

And much more in this present day. This philosophy is critical, and it needs to be disapproved in our society.


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Translation into Yoruba Language (One of the three prominent languages in Nigeria)

Labe ohun merin ni aye ko le duro (Owe 30:21 – 23).  Awon ohun merin to je pe to ba sele, o maa n nira fun awon eniyan lati gba ati lati dunnu si ni wonyii:

(1) Nigbati iranse ba j’oba,

(2) Nigbat asiwere ba yo fun ounje,

(3) Nigbati obinrin ti a korira ba di aayo,

(4) Nigbati erubinrin/iransebinrin ba di eni ti o ri oko fe.

Kini idi ti inu awon eniyan kii fi dun si iru isele bayii? Nitori igbe aye ateyinwa awon eniyan yii ni – iru igbe aye ti won se sababi re ni ibere pepe aye won.

Inu aye le ma dun si iru awon iyipada bayii, sugbon orun n o iho ayo nipa re. Bi OLorun se n sise re ni eyi. Olorun wok ii wo igbe aye ti eniyan se sababi re ni ibere pepe aye re, ki o to so di oloriire. Ibukun Olorun duro lori majemu, ati ni opo igba, bi o ba se barin sii, nipa gbigbo oro si ase re, ni o le mu o se aseyege ni aye yii.

Oniruru ati ogooro eniyan ni Olorun ti yi aye won pada si rere, bi o ti e je wipe awon eniyan igbana  ko f’ara mo, inu won ko si tete dun sii. Won sapa won lati da ise Oluwa duro, sugbon pabo ni o ja si. Die niunu won niwon yii:

Dafidi – eni ti a bi gege bi adaran di oba (Samueli Keji 7:8).

Esteri – omo orukan ti o di ayaba (Esteri 2: 7 & 17)

Jefta – Omo pansaga obinrin di olori awon arakunrin re (Awon Onidajo 11:6)

Gidioni – eni ti o wa lati idile talaka ti o si je eni ikeyin nile baba re di eni ti o gba Israeli la (Awon Onidajo 6:15)

Josefu – Omokunrin abigbeyin di Igbakeji Oba ni’le ajeji (Genesisi 41:40).

Mose – eniyan bi tire di Ore Olorun (Eksodu 33:11)

Abrahamu – Darandaran alailomo di oloro repete (Genesisi 14:14)

Soolu – eni to n se inunibini si awon onigbagbo di aposteli to n wasu iyinrere (Ise Awon Aposteli 9:5).

Hiramu – omo opo (ti baba re wa lati Tire) di oba (Iwe Awon Oba Kinni 7:13)

Iran Kora – Kora je alatako (ti o ku ninu nipa itako re si Mose, olori ti OLorun yan – Numeri 16). Awon iran re di ara awon akorin ijo (Kronika Kinni 6:31 – 37 & Orin dafidi 8:8).

Rutu – Arabinrin kan lati Moabu (Ilu ti a ti fire) di iya Obedi ti a bi Jesu lati ebi re [Boasi – Obedi – Jese – Dafidi – Jesu].

Jabesi – okunrin otoso paraku kan di oloro repete laarin osu meta.

Jesu – omo gbenagbena the Olugbala Araye (Johannu 1: 41, 4:25).

Ati aimoye eniyan ni ode oni. Iwa yii buru jai, o si ye ki a gbiyanju, ka dekun re ni awujo wa.

A o sori ire o!

© 2017 Peter F. Adewumi
Photo Credit: Pixabay and Google Image Search


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Author: Peter Adewumi

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  1. That’s God for us. He chose the foolish things of this world to put the wise to shame. He chose the weak things of this world to put the powerful to shame.
    1 Corinthians 1:27

    1. The stories of these people is really inspiring. It shows us not only that God can use anyone to attain any height but also that the present circumstances that we face today does not necessarily determine tomorrow. This is very uplifting. God’s strength shines out the most from the point of weakness.

  2. Really inspiring….its ur fate where u wil born….bt its ur struggle n only urz effort where u ended up ur lyf n how u ended it up…i wont get until i work for it…if its provided without any sacrifice n efforts then prepared urself for a test coz a gifted might b tested at the same time

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