10 Things to Consider at the Beginning of Any Venture

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The end matters most, but the beginning of everything is equally important. What you do at the beginning of any venture will go a long way to determine the end result. Hence, there are many things that must be considered when you are set for any venture. These are some ten factors to consider before a new start.


Analysis of your previous experience – analyze your past experience whether it will be enough or not. In education, there is what is called ‘previous experience,’ if you are about to learn a new skill, you must possess some relevant knowledge to be able to learn the new skill. The same thing holds at the beginning of any new venture, you have to sit down and see whether you have the relevant foundational knowledge, if not, you have to quickly learn that before you venture into another journey.



Study the lives of those that have done what you are about to set to do – We use the word new a lot, but there is nothing new in its real sense. Immediately you call something new, it has begun its journey of becoming old. New dress, once you put it on, it has stopped being new. New car, immediately you start driving it either from the Port or the dealer, you have started using it. There is no new thing per se, some people have passed through the road you are set to tread, learn from them, and you can even make one or two of them your mentors. The importance of mentorship can never be overemphasized.


Put down what you want to achieve newly – At the beginning of a new venture, you have to make what you want to achieve clearly marked out and properly written down. This is going to serve as a blueprint to check your progress against whether you are moving at the right pace or not.


Know what you want to achieve – It’s not a mistake putting this factor after number three, some readers may think it is supposed to come before number three. It’s a deliberate act. Though, putting down what you want to achieve is supposed to come after knowing what you want to achieve, Fine! But what I want to point out here is that, after you have put your goals down on paper, let them still be written plainly and boldly in the slate of your mind. Whether you have the documented goals with you not, let the one engraved in your heart possess you fully, and be reminded day in day out.


State how you want to achieve them in steps – Documenting what you want to achieve is very good but not enough, you have to also put down how you want to go about them. It actually requires a step-by-step movement to get to a required destination. Plan to take one step at a time.


Plan ahead your steps – It is a very good decision to state how you want to achieve your goals for a new venture in steps, but much more important is to know ahead of time, the first step to take, the second, the next, and the last. Orderliness is required when taking steps.


Have a Workable Time Table – Timing! There is a right time for everything including documented steps for the set goals for your new venture. A good step taking at the wrong time may lead to a failure. In your planning for anything, make sure there is a time schedule against every step to be taken. In your time-table, don’t take the time for rest and refreshment for granted, it is very important.


Be ready to make a change if it is required – Don’t be rigid and don’t be adamant. Always make a room for any change that may be required. There is no perfect recipe for a success, hence, there is bound to be a change in your plan, as you are getting set to embark on the new venture.


Be optimistic right before you start – Many people think you have to only be optimistic when the journey has already started. That is not fully correct, you have to be confident even before you start the journey at all, that everything is going to be well. You have to be positive minded, knowing the end result, right from the planning stage.


Think of the Selected Few to Work With – You cannot work with everybody, and you cannot work with just anybody. There is need to give it a thought right before you start, those that you can work with to achieve your goals in the new venture. Even if you don’t already know them, you must know ahead of the qualities you want in them. This will help you to recognize them immediately you come across them.

Be Blessed!

Translation into Yoruba Language (One of the three prominent languages in Nigeria)


Ohun Mewa T’oye Ki O Se Ayewo Re Ki O To Bere Ohunkohun

Opin ohun gbogb se Pataki, sugbon iyen ko ni k’afi owo yepere mu ibere re. Ohun ti o ba se ni ibere idawole kan ni yoo so bi opin re yoo se ri. Niotrina, opolop ohun lo ye koo gbe yewo ki o to bere ati da’wo le ohun kan. Mewaa ninu won ni yii.


Ayewo iriri re ateyinwa – Gbe iriri re ateyinwa yewo boya yoo to fun o lati yege ninu ohun titun ti o fe da’wo le. Ninu eto eko, ohun kan wa ti an pe ni ‘Iriri Ateyinwa,’ ti o ba fe ko eko tuntun, o gbodo ti mo ohun kan tele ti yoo ran o lowo lati lee ko ohun titun yii. Bakan naa ni o se ri ninu gbogbo ohunkohun ti a ba sese fe bere, o gbodo joko ki o ronu boya o ti mo hunk an tele ti yoo mu eko miran ya Kankan, ti ko ba ri bee, o gbodo tete se amojuto iyen ki o to da’gba le ati ko ohun tuntun.


Gbe igbe aye awon alseyori ninu ohun ti o fe se yewo – A maa n lo oro yii, “tuntun” ni aimoye igba, sugbon ko si ohun tuntun Kankan ni abe orun. Ni kete ti a ba tip e ohun kan ni tuntun, o ti bere irin ajo re lati di akuwori. Aso tuntun, ti o ba ti wo sorun, o ti kuro ni tuntun ni yen. Moto tuntun, ni kete ti o ba ti bere si niwa bo lati bi o ti lo raa, o ti n lo ni yen. Ani, ko si ohun tuntun labe orun mo, awon eniyan kan ti se aseyori ninu ohun ti iwo sese fe da’gba le, ko eko lati ara ati owo won, o ti e le yan ikan tabi meji gege bii atona re. Bii atona sese Pataki to ko se foju yepere rara.


Se Akosile Ohun Ti O Fe Se Aseyori Le Lori – Ni ibere ohunkohun, o gbodo se asro ohun ti o fe mu jade nibe ki o si ko sile daradara. Eleyii ni yoo ma se atona re bi o ba se n te siwaju boya ohun rin boti to ati bo se ye.


Mo Ohun Ti o Fe Mu Jade Pato – Kii se asise rara lati fi koko seyin eleketa, opolop ohunkawe mi le lero pe, o ye ki o siwaju koko eleketa. Mo momo se bee ni. Ni tooto, sise akosile ohun kan ye ki o wa leyin ti a ba ti se asaro ninu okan wa, beeni! Sugbon ohun ti mo fe mu jade nipe, leyin ti o ba ti se akosile ohun ti o fe se aseyori le lori, je ki o si wa ni kiko ni ookan aya re. Boya o mu akosile ohun ti o fada dan ni o tabi rara, je ki eyi ti o ti ko si ookan aya re wo o lewu patapata, ki o si maa se iranti re ni atigba degba.


Ko Bi O Se Fe Rin Irin-ajo Naa Ni Esese – Sise akosile ohun ti o fe da dara gan-an ni sugbon ko to rara, o tun gbodo se akosile ona to o fe gba alti se aseyege ninu re. A ti lo si ibudo kan gba igbese kan leyin omiran lati de be. Mura sile lati gbe igbese kan pato lasiko ti o ye.


Se Asaro Lori Irin Re – Ipinnu ti o dara ni lati se akosile bi o ti fe se amuse awon erongba re fun ohun tuntun ti o fe da’wole ni esese, sugbon eyi ti o se Pataki julo ni ki o ti se asaro re siwaju, ese akoko lati gbe, eleekeji, ati ti igbeyin. Eto se Pataki ti a ba n gbe igbese.


Ni Akosile To Gun Rege Nipa Asiko – Asiko! Akoko fun ohun gbogbo lo wa,  ati ti akosile ese ti o fe gbe fun mimu wa si imuse erongba okan re fun ohun tuntun ti o fe da’wo le. Ese daradara ti a ba gbe ni akoko ti ko ye lee ja si ikuna fun wa. Ninu imura sile re ninu ohun kohun, ri daju pe o ni akosile akoko ti o ye ki o gbe igbese kookan. Ninu akosile akoko re yii, ma se gbagbe lati fi akoko isinmi ati igbafe sii, o se pataki gidi gan-an ni.


Ti o ba Nilo Ki o Se Ayipada Kan, Ma Besu Begba Lati Se – Ma se se orikunkun. Mura sile fun iyipada ti o ba ye lati se. Ko si akosile kan pao lati se aseyege ati lati mori yo ni aye yii, nitorina, o pan dandan lati ri ohun kan tabi omiran ti o o se ayipada re ninu ohun ti o ti se akosile re, bii o se n mura lati da’wo le ohun tuntun naa.


Ni Ipinnu Okan Rere Ki o To Bere – Opolopo eniyan lo maa n ro wipe o gbodo ti bere ohun ti o fe da’wo le ki o to ni ipinnu okan rere. Eleyii ko b’oju mku to, o gbodo ti ni igboya ki o to bere idawole naa rara, pe ohun gbogbo yoo yori si rere. O gbodo ni erongba rere, nipa aseyori re, ki o to dawole ohun naa rara.


Ro Ero Nipa Awon Perete Ti E Le Jo Sise Po – Kii se gbogbo eniyan ni o lee ba sise, ati pe o o kan le ba eniyan kan lasan sise po. O se Pataki ki o ro eleyi ki o to dagba le ohun ti o fe se, awon ti o lee ba sise po kii erongba re fun ohun ti o fe da’wo le le di imuse. Ka ti e so pe o o ti mo won tele. Sugbon o ye ki o mo abuda ti o fe nipa won saaju. Eleyi yoo ran o lowo lati da won mo ni kete ti o ba ti rin na pade won.

Di alabukun fun!

© 2017 Peter F. Adewumi

Photo Credit: Pixabay and Google Image Search


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