It’s not everybody that gets it right from the beginning. In fact, a high percentage of people don’t get it the first time. If you’re one of those people, and you are hesitating on what decision to take, no matter the number of years and a number of efforts you […]

This write-up is all about what you have known before, hence, it serves as a reminder to keep you going on the path of being an achiever. These are the five do’s an achiever must take into consideration and put his/her mind focus on every day of his/her life. Self-Motivation […]

Thanks to ‘respectmyselfblog’ who gave me the award a number of days ago, I’m sorry for not replying promptly. His blog is worth reading. This is the link to the post he used to nominate me. About The Mystery Blogger Award This is an award for amazing bloggers with […]

On September 9, 2017, I was given The Active Award by Pravarthika, the name of the blog is I do appreciate her gesture of love. You can check the Post used to nominate me here: About Pravathika and Her Blog Just a person who goes by the name […]