Maximizing the Tool of Visiting Other Blogs

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Posting every day may not work if you don’t visit other blogs! I’m not contradicting the fact that you should do whatever you want to become an expert in, every day, blogging inclusive, so that you can grow and be successful. There is no problem in writing and posting every day, but there are some activities I have discovered that contribute better to a blog growth rather than only posting.

We all know visiting other blogs brings an awesome experience. We all agree that visiting other successful blogs that are similar to ours is a very good exercise in order to learn and modify our patterns of writings, there is nothing bad in this. Most times, when we do, we may come by an idea for our next post. As impactful as reading other blogs is, we have not been fully maximising this tool. What other things can you do when you visit other blogs besides reading the posts? Here is the list:

  1. Reading Other Bloggers’ Comments – Besides reading the post, you can also read the comments of bloggers that had visited and read the post before you. What I have discovered most times is that when you don’t fully understand a particular post, the comments from other readers can help you shed more light on the knotty issue.
  2. Liking Impactful Comments – You don’t only like the posts that have impacted you, you can also like impactful comments from other readers and bloggers about the post. It’s a very good return. I have read some comments before that look like a post on its own. This exercise is like using one stone to kill many birds. Visiting only one blog, but looks like you’ve visited many blogs just because it is well utilized.
  3. Visiting the Impactful Commenter’s Blog – The quality of a blogger’s comment speaks a volume about his/her personality and his/her blog. Then, I don’t see it as a bad idea to visit such site and subscribe to the blog, if you are not a follower already.
  4. Replying a Comment that Needs a Clarification – I have seen many comments that came in form of questions that need to be answered. May be due to one thing or the other the owner or the blogger has not answered them or you think they are not well answered, if you are knowledgeable in this aspect, you can contribute to the discussion for clarification.
  5. Making a List of New Ideas for Your Posts – I think it’s already globally acceptable that everyone should be a long-time learner. If I may ask you, have you seen learner without a note or a gadget for jotting? Learn to make a list of ideas that need to be thrashed out and clarified. Work on them, and use them as posts on your blog.



Maximizing the tool of visiting other blogs, by doing more than reading the blogger’s posts – reading other bloggers’/readers’ comments, liking impactful comments, visiting the impactful commenter’s blog, replying a comment that needs a clarification, and making a list of new ideas for your posts will definitely make your blog to grow geometrically.

Do you have any input on the list? Don’t hesitate to do that in the Comment Box. Thanks!

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© 2017 Peter F. Adewumi

Photo Credit: Pixabay and Google Image Search


Translation into Yoruba Language (One of the three prominent languages in Nigeria)

Lilo Irin’se Kika Ohun Ti Awon Miiran Ko ni Oju-Ikawe Won

Kiko ohun kan sile fun awon eniyan lati ka ni ojoojumo ni Oju-Ikawe (Blog) wa le e ma mu dagba si, a ya fi ti awa naa ba n yoju si Oju-Ikawe awon elomiran lati ka ohun ti won ko! Kii se wipe mo n tako pe ki eniyan maa se ohun ti o ba fe mo dunju ni ojoojumo, kiko nnkan ka fun awon eniyan pelu, ki o le dagba soko sii, ki o si se aseyori. Ko si ohun ti o buru ninu ki eniyan ko nnkan fun ara re ati fun awon eniyan lati ka ni ojoojimo, sugbon awon ohun kan wa ti mo se awari won ti o je pe o le tete mu ibi Oju-Ikawe wa ru gege, ju bi kiko nnkan ka fun awon eniyan se n se lo. Bi o se je ohun meremere lati maa lo si Oju-Ikawe awon elomiran lati ka ohun ti won ko, a tii maa lo irin-ise yii bi o se ye. Kini awon ohun miran ti o ye ki o se nigba ti o ba yoju si Oju-Ikawe elomiran leyin kika awon akosile eni naa? Awon ohun naa ni won yii:


Kika Ohun Ti Awon Eniyan Miiran Ti Ko Nipa Akosile Eni Naa – yato si kika akosile ni Oju-Ikawe eni yii, o tun lee ka ohun ti awon ti o koko yoju si Oju-Ikawe yii saaju re so nipa akosile eyi ti o ka. Ohun ti mo ti se awari re ni opolopo igba nipe ti ohun ti o ka ko ba tete ye o, ohun ti awon ti o ti ka siwaju re se akosile re yoo tan’mole si awon ibi ti ta koko naa.


Fif’aramo Akosile Ti O Ni Kimi Awon Elomiran Nipa Oju-Ikawe Yii – Fifaramo akosile ti o ka ni Oju-Ikawe ti o yoju si ko to rara, o tun le f’aramo akosile awon ti o ti ka akosile naa saaju re. Eleyii ni ere gidi. Aimoye akosile bii iru eleyii ni mo ti ka to da bii wipe eni naa pile ko ni. Iru asa bayii dara, se lo dabii wipe eniyan fi okuta kan pa eye pupo ni. Yiyoju si Oju-Ikawe eyo kan soso, sugbon bii wipe o yoju si Oju-Ikawe pupo nitoripe o se amulo re daradara.


Yiyoju Si Oju-Ikawe Eni To Se Akosiole Daradara Nipa Akosile Elomiran – Akosile ti o ba ni kimi ninu n so nipa bii eni naa se kun oju osunwon to, ati bi Oju-Ikawe tire naa yoo se ri. Mi o war o pe ohun ti o buru wa nibe ti eniyan ba fi ese kan ya Oju-Ikawe tire naa, ki o sib a iru eni be dore, ti eniyan ko ba mo tele.


Titan Imole Si Akosile ti O Nilo Re – Mo ti se alabapade awon akosile to mu ibeere dani to si nilo lati tan imole si. Boya nitori idi kan tabi omiran eni t’oni Oju-Ikawe yii o ti fesi siru akosile bee tabi o rope esi ti won fun ko dan moran to, ti o ba ni imo nipa oro ti won so kale naa, o lee da si oro naa pelu alaye ti o muna d’oko.-


Sise Akosile Awon Oye Tuntun fun Oju-Ikawe Re – Mo lero pe kii se ohun tuntun mo ni gbogbo agbaye pe ki eni kokan wa di akeko ti o n keko lojoojumo titi di ojo iku. Iwo onkawe mi, ti o ba gbami laaye lati bi o ni ibeere yii, “Nje o ti ri akeko kan ri ti ko ni ohun ikowe tabi ohun elo kan ti yoo fi ko nnkan sile?” Ko lati maa se akosile awon oye lorii ohun ti o ba nilo lati salaye lori e siwaju sii ati lati tan imole si. Sise lori re, ki o si fi sita fun kika ni Oju-Ikawe re lori Ayelujara.

Ni Ipari

Lilo Irin’se Kika Ohun Ti Awon Miiran Ko ni Oju-Ikawe Won ni ori Ayelujara (Internet), nilo ju kika akosile eni ti a yoju si Oju-Ikawe re lo – kika akosile ohun ti awon ti o koko yoju ko nipa akosile eni naa, fifaramo afikun ti o m’ogbon wa naa, yiyoju si Oju-ikawe eni ti o se afikun ti o m’ogbon wa naa, ati kiko ero ti o jeyo ti o nilo ati tan imosile si sile lati lo ni Oju-Ikawe eni, yoo mu ki Oju-Ikawe re kii o dagba si ona tii o lero.

N je o ni afikun si akosile yii? Ma se jafara lati se afikun naa ninu aaye fun afikun ati ero eni.

E se!

© 2017 Peter F. Adewumi

Photo Credit: Pixabay and Google Image Search



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Author: Peter Adewumi

Peter Adewumi is an Amazon author of "Virtues for Riches" series, "Romantic, Inspirational & Motivational Poems," "Attributes of Successful Employees," "The End Matters Most," & "A Lonely Ward in a Comely World."

0 thoughts on “Maximizing the Tool of Visiting Other Blogs

  1. Another great post full of ideas and pointers. I absolutely concur with your thought process here and couldn’t agree more. We grow by reading and visiting other bloggers is very crucial for growth in this business. Personally, I cherish reading comments of others because there is diversity in how people respond and react to issues. So with these collective synergies, I acquire a bounty of good ideas that could be implemented into my writings. I enjoyed reading this post. Thanks. 🙂

      1. You’re welcome. Thanks for being a carrier of good vibes and credible posts. I’m glad you are writing about some of these pertinent matters that bloggers should be privy of especially newbies. Albeit, it’s a reminder for some of us too to not get too busy in our daily trappings and forget to visit other bloggers. Most of your posts are wake up calls. 🙂

          1. Oh, It’s mutual. You impact me greatly. It warms my heart anytime I see your post on my reader. They are all enriching. Let’s keep churning out credible features. God help us. A blessed day to you. 🙂

    1. I couldn’t agree more. Everyone, has such amazingly different as well as, similar thoughts and reactions. Its nice to learn about others. Since, it helps in uniting new ideas and guidance in our very own lives. Not to mention, we can make some great life long connections.

    1. Thanks a lot. Thanks for such humility that humbles me further. I appreciate the time you offer to reading and commenting this post. Thanks Aguri. Best regards! What is the address of your 2nd blog?

  2. I love reading the comments on posts. It’s fun. I think because a quick like is easy, when people do comment, often they have something interesting to say. I found out what I thought was the moon was actually a reflection of the solar eclipse from one of my commenters. That was very cool as I didn’t know that.

  3. This is so true. I also enjoy reading the comments by other bloggers. I’m glad you mentioned replying to THOSE comments or “liking” them as well. I usually read them but don’t always comment on them. I sure will now!

    1. Thanks a lot. What prompted me to say that, is because when we read a post, we can like it, we can share it, and we can comment. But when I discover that some of the comments by bloggers on others’ posts are equally impacting as the post itself, why not react to it as if it a post on its own? Do keep on blogging and succeeding!

        1. I Honestly, felt the same exact way. I always thought people would think I’m just trying to get a follow or for them to check my blog out. Even like you said or feeling like individuals would think your just being nosy. Although, this blog post has put a lot of my fears in a better perspective. Often, I see other amazing comments and never like or reply. I’m glad to overcome my fear and take the leap. Plus, there are so many creative and amazing blogs I’ve ran across. You just never know who you will meet that may make a big impact on your life.

  4. Hi ! Those are really helpful tips and i have been trying to be a good blogger in this community . İ have just tried to like and comment on posts and it really works to get follower back and to be commented on my own posts. I will give other tips a try definitely ! Thanks again for perfect post ! Best ,

  5. Happy Wedensday!
    I really enjoyed reading this post. Additionally, I love all of the guidance you have provided. Especially, since in am pretty new to the blogging world. Everything you’ve discussed will help me in developing my own blog. Also, congratulations on all of your accomplishments. I enjoyed reading your About me section as well. You are a true inspiration, I really like your blog and I’m excited to read and learn more.

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