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He told me that it was around three in the morning. It was raining cat and dog, due to this there was no electricity supply. That is how it is in some parts of the world, in order to avert the eruption of enmity between water and electric current which is very hazardous.

He continued,” the room I was in sheer darkness and very silent, except the sound of water splash on the ground outside, yet the room within my heart was lighted, and there were shatters of voices. Different voices within, but two are pronounced.”

He explained further, “One was telling me to stop the good deeds, and I asked the voice why? It begins to give me different reasons I should heed it.”

  1. It said what have you gained all this while?
  2. It said can’t you see those that you think are cruel forging ahead?
  3. It said people are generally prone to lies, they don’t like truth and good deeds.
  4. It said people always prove to be smart, so you have to outsmart them.

The voice said, “let me just stop there, there are many reasons why you should join the bandwagon, I think majority carries the vote.”

There was a quick intervention from another voice, it says, “don’t mind that deceitful voice, continue in your good deeds, there are more than a million reasons why you should, and I’m going to remind you some of them.”

  1. The rewards for good deeds, no matter how long it is, would always surface. If you plant maize, you may harvest it around three months, but if it is cocoa, don’t you know you’ll harvest it in about seven years? Another shocker is this, you reap maize once if you want to harvest another one, you plant again. But cocoa, after the first harvest, you continue to do so yearly, after the first one, for many more years. Good deeds are like planting cocoa seeds that you will continue to reap forever.
  2. There are many reasons why those you think are bad are prospering. Yes, many reasons! But let me tell you one of the reasons that will shock you so that they will not disturb you when you start prospering, and if they do, God knows how to handle them.
  3. People might have been married to lies and other bad behaviors naturally, but I tell you truth and good deeds will always submerge liars and wicked souls in the ocean of life. The truth will always catch up with lies!

  1. “You don’t need to outsmart anybody, you only need to outsmart yourself.” The good voice retorted. Outsmarting people is like wickedness of the first order. It means you have joined them. You only need to outsmart yourself. Work on yourself, turn yourself into a hot cake, the kind that is rear. Don’t you know that there are some people that their specialty cannot be found elsewhere?

“I think, it’s almost day break,” the second voice concluded. He told me as he tried to roll to the other side of the bed, then he realized he was sleeping on the sofa, for he found himself on the floor.

I finally spoke after a long story from the horse’s mouth, and I said, a word is enough for the wise. It’s good to be good and be an expert in good deeds. Good deed is good, while bad one is bad!

Translation into Yoruba Language (One of the three prominent languages in Nigeria)


Arakunri kan so fun mi pe, ni dede bii aago meta idaji ni oro yii sele. Ojo n ro gid gan ni ita, nitori eleyii, ko si ina monamona. Bi o seri ni eleyii ni awon ilu kan ni agbaye, notoripe, ata ati oju, omi ati ina kii se ore ara won.

O n te siwaju, ninu atotonu re, “inu okunkun birimu birimu ni mo wa ninu yara naa, ibe si dake roro, ayaafi didun ojo katakata nikan, sugbon ninu okan mi lohun, mo n ri imole, mo si n gbo awon ohun kan. Awon ohun olokan-ojokan, sugbon meji ninu won lo lo s’oke ju.”

Arakunrin yii te siwaju sii ninu aroye re, “ohun kan n so fun mi pe ki n dawo iwa rere ti mon wu duro, mo sib ere lowo ohun naa pe kini o ri lobe to fi wa’ru sowo? O sib ere si yannana awon idi ti mo fi gbodo gba imoran re.”

  1. O ni, kini o ri mubo lait ojo yii nipa iwe rere mi?
  2. O tun ni, se o rii bi awon ti o rope o buru se n moke ni?
  3. O ni iro laraye n fe, otito o nile mo, ododo o si ribi gba.
  4. O ni opolop eniyan lo maa n se bii pe awon lawon gbon ju, sugbon, o gbodo fo ye won pe o gbon ju won lo.

Ohun naa ni, “saa je ki n danu duro na, mo ni idi repete to ye ko fi dara po mo awon eniyan ninu ise ibi won, mo rope o ye ki o ri wipe awon eniyan yii po jojo.”

Ki ohun akoko yii to dake rara, ohun miran ti han ponkon, o so fun mi pe, “ma da ohun alaisododo ni lohun o jare, ma base rere re lo, akaikatan idi ni o wa to ye koo fit e siwaju ninu ise ribiribi ti o n se, n o si maa fi akoko yii ran o leti die ninu won.”

  1. Ise rere l’ere, bo ti wu ki o pe to. Ti o bag bin Agbado, o le kore laarin osu meta, sugbon ti o ba je koko ni o gbin, se o mo pe yoo to bii odun meje ki o to kore ojo naa ni? Agba iyanu le leyi yoo je fun o, pe eekan pere ni a maa n kore Agbado, ti o ba fee kore mi, o tun sese gbin koro Agbado miran ni. Sugbon ni ti koko ni tire, o kore ta koko, leyin eyi, o si maa kore lo ni ododun fun aimoye odun. Ise rere, bii eni gbin koko ni, ti eniyan yoo si maa ka titi lai.
  2. Opolopo idi ni o je ki awon onise ibi maa lu aluyo. Beeni, Opolopo idi! Sugbon je ki n so eyokan pere fun o ninu re ti yoo ya o lenu, eyi nipe ki won ma ba maa yo e lenu nigba ti ire re ba de, sugbon ti won ba danwo, Olorun mo ohun ti yoo se fun won.
  3. O le tidi baraku fun awo eniyan lati maa turo ta bii elubo, ki won sit un yan iwa buburu ni aayo, sugbon je ki n fi to o leti pe otito ati ise rere yoo ma te awon okuro ati iwa buburu ri ninu agbami aye. Bi iro ba lo l’ogun odun, ojo kan soso looto o ba!
  4. “O o nilo lati maa fihan pe o gbon ju enikeni lo, ara re gan ni o nilo lati sise le lori.” Ohun rere yii lo tun fesi bayii. Fifi han pe o gbon ju enikeji re lo, iwa buruku gbaa ni. Eleyi si n fihan pe iwo naa ti di eni buburu. A ni se ara re ni o gbodo sie le lori. Sise lori ara re, os ara re di eniyan oto, eyi ti ko wopo. N je o mope awon eniyan kan wa laye yii ti o je pe ohun ti won moo se, o loju eni to leese?

“O dabi pe, ile ti fee mo tan,” ohun rere yii fi adagbe le oro re. Arakunrin yii so fun mi pe bii ohun se ni kii ohun yi si egbe keji lori ibusun ohun, igba yii lo to mo pe ori aga gbooro ni ohun sun lo si, tori ile gberegede ni o ba ara re.

Mo gbiyanju lati soro leyin atotonu re, mo si gba ni’moran pe, abo oro ti to fun omoluabi. O dara ki a te pele mo sise rere. Rere l’ope, ika ko sunwon!

Photo Credit: Pixabay and Google Image Search

© 2017 Peter F. Adewumi


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