People Must Talk

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Mostly, the day someone’s gone, is the day he is remembered for his good deeds. When one is alive, no matter how good what he is doing, people would only see his negative sides. When he is no more, that is when they begin to lament what they have missed. They would begin to sing his praise and begin to recount all his good deeds.

No matter how good you think you are, so far you are still alive, people definitely would have one thing or the other to say about you. Let me reveal a secret to you, when what you are doing is bringing results, that is when people become antagonistic, that is when they would begin to point to what they think is bad about what you are doing. The lesson here is that when people are not saying anything about what you are doing, whether positive or negative, it simply pointing to the fact that you are not yet on the right path. If they are making comments on what you are doing, put more efforts, and begin to propel yourself forward, but don’t forget to find out whether what they are saying is the truth or a libel. If it is not a libel, make sure you take to correction.

No matter how wise you think you are, people would continue to say one thing or the other about you, you just have to be wiser than them in your acts. Somebody did not eat, they said he is possessed by the devil, another one did eat, they said he is a glutton.


Mat 11:18 – For John came neither eating nor drinking, and they say, he has a demon. 19. The son of man came eating and drinking, and they say, behold a man gluttonous, and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners. But wisdom is justified of her children.

That is life for you, people must talk! They must make a remark either positively or negatively. You can never satisfy men, if you are trying to do that, it can never materialize. If you are trying to satisfy people, it’s like going to a journey of no return.

It’s only God we should try all our best to please always. If we are trying to please men, there is no way we won’t go against God. If people are not saying anything against you, it simply means you have conformed to their mold, and this would definitely negate acceptable and godly principles.

It’s better to go against people than going against God. It’s better if people say bad things about us rather than God. No matter what people say, they own their mouths, they can say whatever they like. Our prayer is that God should say good things about us!

Translation to Yoruba Language (One of the three prominent languages in Nigeria)

Atori L’aye

Ojo ta baku la a dere, eniyan o sunwon laaye. Ti eniyan ba wa laye, bo se wu ki ohun ti o n se dara to, aleebu ara re ni awon aye a maa ri. O di igba ti ko ba si mo, ki won to mo pe, eja nla lo nibu, Aro Gidigba lo lale odo, eye ti o se bii Okin o si nigbo mo. A ni bose wu ki o mo se to, ti o ba si wa laye, awon aye a ri ohun kan tabi ekeji so nipa re. Je ki n so asiri kan fun o; igba ti ohun ti o ba n se ba n dara, ni awon aye a maa se tanadi re: ni won o maa yo ohun ti won ro pe asise ni jade. Eyi jasi pe ti aye o ba so nnkankan nipa ohun ti on se, o o si loju ona ni yen, won o tii riran ri o. Sugbon ti won ba ti n so nipa re, tepele mo ohun ti o n se, ki o tesiwaju; sugbon ki o maa bojuwo eyin se ayewo ohun ti won n so nipa re, boya otito ni tabi ibani–loruko– je; ti kii ba se ibanilorukoje, dogbon se atunse.

Ko si ogbon too feda, ti awon aye o ni so nipa re ni ona kan tabi omiran, iwo lo gbodo  gbon tinu–teyin. Enikan o jeun, won lo l’emi Esu; enikan tun n jeun; won tun ni alajeju ni, ore olohunje.

Mat 11: 18 – Nitori Johannu wa, ko je, beeni ko mu, won si wipe, o ni emi esu. 19 – Omo eniyan wa, o nje, o sin mu, won wipe, wo o, ojeun, ati omuti, ore awon agbowoode ati awon elese. Sugbon a dare fun ogbon lati odo awon omo re wa.

Atori ma laye o! Bo se n mi sotun naa lotun n mi sosi, ko lee duro soju kan lai–lai; a yaa fi toba dubu le – o dijo taye o ba si mo. Eniyan o lee te aye lorun lai–lai, igbiyanju lati te aye lorun, bii eni tohun yin agbado seyin ‘gba ni tabi kani eni ti o n ponmi sinu apere; e gbo ara, ijo wo ni yoo to kun? Oko iparun ni eni to ba fee te araye lorun n san.

Olorun nikan ni ka maa gbiyanju lati te lorun nigba gbogbo. Ibare aye, isota Olorun ni. Ti aye o ba tii pegan re, itumo re nipe o ti di ore won; o si mu Olorun lotaa.  Eleyi buru jai, o si lewu gidi gan. O dara ki o je ota aye ju ki o je ota Olorun lo. O dara ki aye so ohun buruku nipa wa ju ki Olorun so bee lo.

Ohun yowu ti aye lee wi, suuti lenu araye, ohun to ba w’elenu lo le fi enu re so; ki Olorun sa a ti so ohun rere nipa wa!


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0 thoughts on “People Must Talk

  1. It brings back a line from a song I love, “If you must chop, dem must talk.”
    As a head in my workplace, how do I go about it because not every decision I make or instruction I give goes down well with everyone. But the decisions and instructions are always for the general goal of the institution. I put that first before anything. Is it wrong?

    1. Mr Akin, you are doing the correct thing, and i want to say you should continue doing the things you’re doing. It’s not easy to be a leader, if they are in your shoe, they will do more than that. I wish you a successful leadership!

  2. The other side of the coin is to watch ourselves and what WE say-to congratulate and comment on the good in others when they are with us, and keep quiet about the negatives. they likely already have someone reminding them of those.

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