Rat Race or Car Race? It Doesn’t Matter.

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There is a factor that is common to both rat race and cat race. It is overtaking. If you’ve ever seen rats that are in groups, they move willy-nilly. As one moves a little bit forward, whether it slows down, or wait on a spot, another one from behind it moves swiftly to overtake it. The one that has already been overtaking, if it changes its speed can also re-overtake, and this continues and alternates between all the rats in that group. This is where the term, “Rat Race” was coined. This explanation explains what “Rat Race” means literally.

Metaphorically, “Rat Race” is normally used by financial experts for the middle class. They believe when you are in this class, there is no stability in your position and financial status. Today you may have surplus, and tomorrow, it may not be enough. Another instance is in where people you think are supposed to be your subordinates become your superior. I know you will want to take over (overtaking) by all means possible. There is need for a caution here.

This is where car race comes in. It’s already been established, and everyone believes that overtaking is common to both rat race and cat race. Accidents do happen in rat race but it’s not always fatal, but when it comes to car race, the accidents are always fatal. If I may tell you, many factors are always responsible for auto crash, and one of them is overtaking. Hence, you have to be careful and consider all factors before plan to overtake. There is not wrong in overtaking, but many things are wrong when it’s taken at the wrong time. It’s even deadly.


Be it a rat race or car race, you have to place a caution in your mind to prevent a fatal accident. There is the probability that in this aspect, accident in the rat race may be fatal than an accident in the car race. Don’t be surprise, this is one of the irony of life.

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