MONEY MAKING ONLINE – Concluding Part: Are You Thinking of Making Money Online?

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In this part of our series of Money Making Online, there is something I gained in some books I read that I think it’s going to be a plus in our online money making endeavor. It’s using online video as a tool to facilitate online courses in form of webinar and podcast.


  • To conduct webinars using Youtube Live, you need to have a YouTube Channel first.
  • Every Google/Gmail account comes with a Youtube login as well.
  • You just need to create Youtube Channel, if you haven’t done it already.
  • Click on your profile, pick on the top right corner and click on Creator Studio.
  • On the left side bar, click on Events under Live Streaming. If this is the first time you are creating a Live Streaming Event, the screen will look different from the second one.
  • Click on schedule a New Event. Here you can add a title for your event, select a date and time and schedule it. If this is a public webinar, you can select it as ‘public.’
  • If you are conducting a Closed Webinar or a Workshop for a specific audience, then you can select ‘unlisted/private.’ Unlisted videos are accessible only through a link. Private videos are accessible only by specific users who are invited. You can select Type as ‘Quick.’ This option uses Google Hangouts on Air’s module to encode the video.


There are many platforms where you can create your online video for marketing and connect with your customers. One of such platforms is Google+. Do you know you can make a video online on Google+?


Besides the normal use of Google+, it has several other great features for marketing and connecting with your customers including Google Hangouts where you can create live Online Video Events for your readers to learn from you and even ask you questions. Google Hangouts will automatically record these events if you want, and publish them on YouTube for you at the click of a button.


A webinar (Web-Based Seminar) is simply an online seminar/conference. It is video-based.

A podcast is simply an online weekly radio program. It is audio-based.


Products Review

I don’t want to dedicate a whole part to Products Review because I think everyone knows what it is. One of the best ways to start earning a good extra income from one’s blog/website includes products review. Products like books and consumables can be reviewed, even services.


There are hundreds of ways to generate extra income from your blog/website, they are not limited to the six explained in this “Money Making Online” series.

Best wishes!

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