History of Blog Awards for New Bloggers – Part 1

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The Introductory Part

What prompted me to this research on the “History of Blog Awards” is traceable to this comment by a blogger:

“Thanks, Peter, but I’ll focus on Star Blogger Award. I am yet to see if other awards offer anything concrete to the winner, and in most cases, I can’t even find who started them….”


There are many (even uncountable) blog awards in the Blogging sphere (Blogosphere) and more will still be given birth to. We have:

  • The Liebster Blog Award
  • The One Lovely Blog Award
  • The Versatile Blog Award
  • The Sunshine Blog Award
  • The Blogger Recognition Award
  • The Unique Blog Award
  • The Blue Sky tag Award
  • The Mystery Blog Award
  • The Real Neat Blog Award
  • The Star Blog Award
  • Beautiful Blogger Award

And much more.
I will try as much as possible to give a detailed report on each of the blog awards. This is just an introductory part of this series.
Meanwhile, before I conclude this part, there is a misconception I noticed when nominating bloggers awards, bloggers don’t know or don’t follow the condition attached to a particular award. For instance;
Condition for The Liebster Award and The One Lovely Blog Award
These two awards are for new blogs and /or those blogs with fewer than 200 followers. You don’t nominate grown and developed blogs for these two awards.
Condition for The Versatile Blog Award
This award is for Bloggers who post on unique subjects. It’s not just for any blog/blogger.
Till we meet in the next part, “History of Blog Awards – Part 2: The Liebster Blog Award,
Best wishes.
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0 thoughts on “History of Blog Awards for New Bloggers – Part 1

    1. This is just the introductory part, sir. I’ll make sure I research deeply into it to demystify some misconceptions, and make it easier, especially for new bloggers to understand all it entails. Few bloggers have delved into it, but I want to harness those beautiful discoveries together, and make it readily available for upcoming bloggers.

    1. It’s not a game, it is real. And it is to help the upcoming bloggers to grow, though responsibilities is attached. I know you’ll understand better as we continue together in this Journey in “The History of Blog Awards.” Thanks for reading and commenting. God bless you!

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