MONEY MAKING ONLINE – Part 7: Are You Thinking of Making Money Online?

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In Part 1, I made mention of six of the best ways to make money online: Freelance Writing, Affiliate Marketing/Advertising e.g. Amazon Affiliate Sales, Google Adsense, etc., Digital Product Creation e.g. eBooks, Products Reviews (on your Blog), Taking Surveys Online, and Online Courses.

In Part 2, I established the best way to receive your funds generated from your online businesses and companies worldwide especially if you are a freelance writer: Payoneer Account Opening!

In Part 3, I explained how to make money by creating your own products. I dwelt on Authoring Books because I have first-hand experience as an Indie Author.


In part 4, I talked on Freelance Writing.

In Part 5, I talked on Affiliate Marketing and Advertisement.

In Part 6, I explained Online Survey.

In this part, Part 7, I will like us to discuss Online Courses

Read on, learn or revise, and enjoy.

 In all the six ways to make money online listed above:

  1. Digital Product Creation e.g. eBooks: You may use a free website or no site for your information products, e.g. a forum or a simple landing page will do, but an established site still gives the best results.
  2. Freelance Writing: You may start your Freelance Writing without a blog but it is not the best. An established website will give you an edge over others.
  3. Affiliate Marketing/Advertising: Compulsorily, you need an established self-hosted website.
  4. Products Reviews: You need an established self-hosted website.
  5. Taking Surveys Online: You need no website, just your email address.
  6. Online Courses: You need an established self-hosted website.

Online Courses

The advantage of online course over offline courses is that it can teach you a lot of useful information at your own pace, and it will teach you right from the scratch through the basics. An online course can be free or a paid one. An online course is always engaging and puts joy in the heart of the learners. Online courses make the learners learn at his/her own pace for a high-quality qualification.

You can personally offer courses in the area you are an expert in, in order to generate income, though if you like you can make it free. You can simply create your course on your established website through a series of e-mails. There are also many platforms where you can create your Online Courses free of charge. These are:

  • Claroline
  • Coursecraft
  • Coursesites
  • Learnotopia
  • Moodle
  • PeertoPeerUniversity
  • Rcampus
  • Udemy

Conclusion: In the next part, Part 8, other platforms and other formats your Online Course can take will be explained.

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