Blog Growth: One Thing That Matters Most

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I read about “How to Grow Your Blog Traffic” in a particular book, I’m not sure whether the author is Joanna Penn, Dave Schneider, Yaro Starak, or Robert Lee Brewer, the Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community. Summarily, what I gained is what every blogger has already known; to grow your blog traffic:

  1. Leave comments on a handful of blogs related to your own.
  2. Participate in two forums about similar topics to your blog.
  3. Write guest articles for other blogs and websites.
  4. Network with a handful of bloggers in your industry, who were leaders or on their way to becoming leaders.
  5. Write new blog posts, if possible everyday.
  6. Start a podcast; releasing audio content to go with your articles.

What I’m really driving at in this post is not how to grow your blog traffic, but one thing that matters most in growing a blog. If the points listed above are critically analyzed, you will see that out of the six points, four is related to COMMUNITY, while the remaining two is related to CONTENT.

A community is very important, even in real life (offline), you cannot live alone and succeed, you cannot live alone and live long. There is this slogan of Liverpool Football Club that says, “You’ll Never Work Alone.” “If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go with others.”



There are sometimes isolation is purposefully required. An instance is when somebody is just recovering from ill-health, may be from a particular sickness. Meanwhile, isolation is detrimental to healthy growth in many areas most times.

Community building is the key component in growing a blog. You have to encourage comments on your blog, and if possible, respond immediately to every comment left on your site. One pulley (a driver pulley) cannot transfer power to the other pulley (a driven pulley) without a belt (a CAROUSEL). For a healthy community, recognition has to be given to those met on ground, for anyone to be accepted into the community, if you want to live and do it alone, they will count such to be with Palsy or Leprosy. If you want to grow your blog:

  1. Follow the leaders first, don’t expect them to follow you first no matter how intelligent you think you are.
  2. Visit their blogs and relate to them in form of comments.
  3. Be humble enough to contact them, if there is a need, may be as a guest blogger or to make clarification concerning some matters.

Personal Experience

  1. I contacted a blogger when I was setting up my site concerning a particular customization.
  2. I contacted many sites when I first started to be a guest author before I got two invites.


A Sign of a Healthy Blog

To know that your blog is growing healthily, you will have good numbers of comments on your blogs.



I am not saying Content and Consistency are not important, but to me the most important of all the 3 C’s of Blogging (Content, Consistency, and Community) is Community.

What is your own view? I am looking forward to reading your contribution in form of comment. Thanks.

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    1. Mr Akin. No sir! Even when you are posting, you have to think of the community first, they always stick around, think of the ‘Blogosphere’ first when you are writing your post. All other audience are few people that may be scouting for one or information or the other, may be luckily they can stumble on your Blog. Before Search Engine can fully recognize you, you must have started your blog minimum of six months ago, and you must have written about 250 posts, and to gain leverage from existing audience, you must have reached around 1,000 subscribers, and the choice of your post tags is also very paramount. Now that we are still building our audience, can you now see that the COMMUNITY has to be taken into cognizance?

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