How to Induce a Spike in Your Blog Stat

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I received an encouraging message from WordPress yesterday. See it below:

Snapshot Spike in Stat

You might have been getting a high traffic, the question now is, “How can you get more traffic than usual? How can you get a surge in people visiting your blog or website?”

  1. The Quality of Your Post: I wrote three posts that day, and they are well researched, well-edited, and the featured images are painstakingly selected.
  2. The Quality of Time Spent on Other Blogs: I visited many blogs, I read them, and I did not just leave comments on some handful of them, but I really communicated with them. We exchanged views as a friend to friend.
  3. The Quality of Your Friendship with Other Bloggers: Some of the bloggers have become my friends. How do I know this? The intimacy of our friendship is felt through the emotional ties between us. I have spent time to build relationships with many in the Blogosphere. There are some sites I visit everyday. I hope I would be able to do that to more blogs.
  4. The Quality of Referred Sites and Posts: Experts have said every of your post must have at least an internal link and an external link. There is a caution here, you don’t just link to any blog or post on your blog. I make sure all the sites I refer my readers to are great sites, and I make sure the posts I link to on my blog are great posts.

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21 thoughts on “How to Induce a Spike in Your Blog Stat

  1. Congratulations! And thanks for the tips. I have often left links in my post (and they are links to good informative material) but these are often ignored. Whether that is because people are not really reading the posts, or whether having done so they don’t feel like following through to the extra info, I am not sure. I get better results when I insert links to my own posts.

      1. Thank you Peter for the encouragement. Wise words. I don’t know why we expect instant results when even in nature if you plant a seed it takes time to bear fruit.

        1. There is a law (both spiritual and physical) that cannot be broken. “The law of sowing and reaping,” As you have said it always takes time (patience) before any seed can germinate and grow into either a shrub or a tree. You’re welcome.

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