Temperaments and Their Implications (3-min Read)

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We have different types of temperaments. What are these temperaments, their implications on life and education? How do people born with different types of temperament generally feel and act towards people? Do enjoy yourself as you read on.

Temperament 1Temperaments are generally divided into Introvert and Extrovert.

Introverted Temperaments are subdivided into Melancholic and Phlegmatic. While


Extroverted Temperaments are subdivided into Sanguine and Choleric.


Melancholic means low-spirited. They can find fault with anyone, themselves inclusive. They are thinkers and analyzers. They are more gifted in areas that require a great deal of self-discipline and concentration. They are very exacting and perfectionist-oriented. They like precisions. They are always good as engineers, musicians, mathematicians, chess players. Sometimes, they feel insecure. Melancholic tell stories for accuracy. They are very emotional.

Phlegmatic means slow to act, but sometimes make people laugh. They get along with everyone. They are very nice, quiet, and diplomatic. They have a great sense of humor and make jokes to diffuse unpleasant situations. They procrastinate due to lack of motivations. They are not perfectionists in nature, unlike the melancholic. They are indecisive; they don’t take a decision on time, the reason being that they love details and precision. This makes them great engineers and Mathematics teachers. They can be selfish because of their conservation. They are anxious and worry a lot, this may be the cause of their frugality and ‘stinginess.’ They don’t like wasting things, they like to preserve to then use at the right time, hence their ‘stinginess’ is a plus if you can be patient with them.

Sanguine are the super extroverts. They are not generally academic inclined. They don’t normally excel in Mathematics or Spelling (Don’t take them out for Spelling Bee Competition), but they do well in History and Political Science. They have tremendous charisma and ability, and very optimistic. They lack self-discipline and have a hard time in channeling their efforts in the right direction (don’t kill your children or students for this; you only need to help them). One great trait I love about the Sanguine is that they are very compassionate. Sanguine tell stories for effects. Sanguine, just like melancholic, are also very emotional. When they get angry, they forget about it immediately. They don’t keep malice.

Choleric are the managerial extroverts. They can be stubborn because they are tough and determined. They thrive in opposition. They are visionaries, and very decisive. Some of their weaknesses are a lack of emotion, they are impetuous, they are domineering and unforgiving. Choleric are hot tempered and quick to get angry but he has a hard time letting go of it, this is the reason they keep malice

Implications on Buying and Reading Books

Melancholic buy and read good books. They want to be sure of the content before buying. They love and enjoy reading good contents.

Phlegmatic don’t buy many books. They don’t like reading as such. They can sleep at any time when reading. Will you help any of your children or students that exhibit this habit?

Sanguine love books! They would buy as many as possible, but they would never have time to read. They are not generally academic inclined.

Choleric love books! They would buy and make sure they read them. They are academically inclined.


Temperaments 3Melancholic: reserved, self-disciplined, accurate, conservative, feel insecure, emotional, shy, pessimistic, and indecisive.

Phlegmatic: cool, unruffled, calm emotions, and good followers.

Sanguine: Super extrovert, sunny i.e. cheerful, optimistic, and tender hearted.

Choleric: Managerial extrovert, Visionaries, Decisive, thrive in opposition, can be stubborn, lack of emotion, harsh, domineering, unforgiving, quick to get angry, weak in Mathematics and Spelling.

Researched from books by:

Peter F. Adewumi (2017).

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