A Lubricant for the Wheel of Progress (2-min Read)

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Is Competition Good? In this context, I use competition to mean the process of trying to win or do better than others. And also as an activity in which people try to win something or do better than others (Microsoft Encarta Dictionary).

Many people would say competition is good. Many people would say it is not. If we look at it in the perspective that there are two types of competition: Positive competition and Negative competition. Those that say competition is good are correct and those that say it is not good are also correct.

Positive competition is good! It brings the best out of you. If there is no positive competition, you may remain a local champion. In an Olympic race, is the person that took the last position not a champion from her country? A local champion you will say. This competition makes her know she had not given her best yet.


Positive competition builds up a healthy community while negative one makes a bundle of jealous people. Anywhere there is no competition, there is a standstill; but if there is going to be a competition at all, it has to be a positive one. Competition is good in my opinion, lack of it brings under-development, but a positive one is desirable, it is the one that culminates into a healthy and progressive community, while negative competition put in jeopardy the life of many in a local or an international community, thereby leading to chaos, pandemonium, and disorderliness which brings paralysis to the state of growth and development of a system. Lack of competition or negative competition is a cankerworm that has expertise in eating deep into the fabric of progressive development of any nation.

Meanwhile, the best form of competition is a competition with your own self, that is, the best person you can compete with is your own self. It brings the best out of you by making you perform maximally and optimally. Competition with others is good but it is not the best, sometimes it limits your capability, it reduces what you can do, and force you into the mold of others’ achievements as your standard of measure of achievement in life. With that, you have already limited what you can do. Nobody on the surface of the earth has performed to the optimum yet, we have all used a fractional part of our capability hitherto.

What can give you the best performance ever is to compete with your own self to give the best, to keep improving on yourself day-in-day-out. Positive competition, especially the one with your own self is a lubricant for the wheel of personal progress and that of your country.

Positive competition is very desirable! Any contrary opinion?

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