6 Proven Ways to Be Committed (3-min Read)

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On the road to great achievement, there is no place of real rest. A little siesta or slumber when cooking will result in a “burnt sacrifice.” The time to really rest is when the set goals have been attained.

Commitment 2 - Motivation-is-what-gets-you-started.-Habit-is-what-keeps-you-going

It is not a difficult task to start anything in life, but to continue with it until you are successful is a very difficult task. Starting a business is easy, starting a blog is not all that difficult, but to keep going is where the real job is. Many times without number I have watched an athlete start a race, but would not make it to the finishing line. Many started building a house but abandoned it for many years.

Many people have the notion that whenever they start anything, they must finish it. Yes, you have thought and spoken well, but it is not automatic. Even robots that have been programmed to do anything still need to be monitored, to avert malfunctioning; you have to keep at it. On the road to great achievement, there is no place of real rest. A little siesta or slumber when cooking will result in a “burnt sacrifice.” The time to really rest is when the set goals have been attained.


Commitment is one of the virtues that are required to make it to the end when you start anything. It is one of the traits of successful and result-oriented people. For success to surface, commitment is a must. The hen that was digging with its webbed feet, with commitment, will definitely find something to eat. If it is success you are vying for, commit to whatever you are doing. Give it what it takes, give it your all. Commitment requires your whole time and energy, it is a consuming passion.

What do you do to be committed?

  1. Keep thinking about the project every day: when you keep thinking about a particular problem, the solution is sure. Have you forgotten Eureka Can? The law of floatation was discovered by the inventor when bathing.
  2. Keep changing your original plan if there is need: Result-oriented people don’t keep to one way of doing things, you can actually create a new route to where you are going.
  3. Keep consulting and seeking professional advice on the issue: Seek knowledge and you shall find. Wise and successful people are those who seek to know and put it to practice.
  4. Keep writing the innovative ways you come about: Keep putting together what you have discovered in your quest for success in black and white, this is not only because of yourself and immediate family but to also bless the next generations.
  5. Keep executing your plan one at a time: Human tends to rush things. We want our children to start school earlier; we want them to have double promotion, etc. All these steps do more harm than good in the long run. Let us take a step at a time, not just a step, but a right step.
  6. Keep monitoring and recording the progress and setbacks: Keep at it, keep monitoring the progress and make sure you record it. It is also very crucial that any setback be written down so that whatever may be the cause will not be repeated in the nearest future.

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And Shaphan carried the book to the king, and brought the king word back saying, all that was committed to your servants, they do it.”                                       2 Chronicles 34:16.


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