I am nominated for Versatile Blogger Award the second time. Thanks https://dilkiaawazsunoblog.wordpress.com And also for Liebster Blog Award by https://aethist.wordpress.com The two nominations on the same day. Your support, teaching by your blogs and learning from your blogs have made it possible. A million thanks to everyone that has visited […]

Source: Nominated for Liebster Blog Award Again I reblogged this post because I am nominated by the blogger for the Award. I will soon respond and also nominate SOME of the bloggers and blogs that have affected my life. Thanks, everyone! You are all very important and special in my […]

When I first learned that paper was made from trees, I was surprised. That was a long time ago! I studied Engineering in order to be a lecturer, then I found myself in teaching in secondary school, no problem, there is no much deviation from the original plan, but the only challenge is that I have to teach Technology, it is my favorite subject (in that I passed it always) but not my best subject, my best subject was, and still remains, Mathematics.


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