A Bottled Idea

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A bottled idea is an idea that occurs to you which you decided not to put to work. It fades out and dies off like a candle light that has been put on for a long time in the daylight. When you ruminate on a matter for a long time without putting all the ideas that occur to you to work, you have bottled all the ideas. For instance, if an insect is put in a bottle that is covered up for a long time, what happens to the insect, it would die, right? The same thing happens to any idea not put to use, it will soon be forgotten.

A writer says idea rules the world. That idea you have may be the one that would bring you to the limelight. You can’t conclude that the idea cannot work until you put it to work. You have to give it a try first. Even if it doesn’t work, you have not lost anything, you have only learned one way not to go about the issue. A bottled idea has no advantage until it is released from where it is locked in the custody of our brain. A caterpillar not released from its cocoon would never become a butterfly. A bird locked up in the egg can never see the light of the day.

A bottled idea has a negative impact on our life:

  • It causes fatigue: when you think too much on any issue, and you are not taking steps based on the ideas that are occurring to you, you will be worn out at that moment. Put down the first ideas that first occur to you when you want to solve a challenge and work on it. One of these will work, but if none of them works, then you are permitted to resume thinking.
  • It leads to waste of time: Thinking alone cannot make you grow rich. You have to think, put down in writing what you come by in the process of thinking, and work at it. If it works out, that is when it can make you rich. Thinking alone is a waste of time.
  • It leads to being at the same spot: When you don’t work with the ideas you have about successful endeavors in life, you cannot make progress. You will only find yourself in a merry-go-round of repeated futile activities.

If you have an idea about any issue, put it to work. Thinking it will not work, when you have not tried it, is not healthy. Not all ideas rule the world, only tested ideas that work do. Wishing you the best in and of life!

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