When the ‘Likes’ on Your Blog Taper

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When the ‘likes’ on your blog taper! When the likes, comments, and views on your blog reduce gradually. What this sign is actually communicating are as follows:

1. You might have deviated from the original vision: does your vision for blogging at the beginning always come to your mind whenever you are writing a post, if not you are deviating from it, and this might be the reason the visits to your site is tapering in size. It does not mean the blog is not growing, but maybe it is not growing at the rate you want. Check this area! If your reason for blogging is not posted somewhere on your blog, it is high time you wrote it.

2. Your posts might have become too long to read: Sincerely speaking, with this little time I have spent in blogosphere, if your blog is too long, nobody will read it, except maybe one out of hundred, the length is very important, it shouldn’t be more than 3 minutes based on my experience from visiting many sites. If likes and comments on your blog posts are tapering day by day, you have to consider this area. Even some of the likes you are getting may be due to your past impacts, there are many numbers of likes on posts that are not read.


3. The use of pictures for your posts might have reduced in quality: Researches show that posts with featured image receive more likes, comments, and shares than those without one. If visits to your sites are reducing when you check your blog stats, you might want to check this area. I have gone to many sites that do post without using featured image. To stress the importance of pictures, remember pictures only can be posted, but it is not advisable to post words alone on blogs.

4. You might have reduced your visits to other sites: There is always a need to reciprocate what is given unto you. What you sow is what you reap. If you give likes, you will definitely get likes, if you give comments, you will definitely reap comments. For instance, I learned from a blogger who told me she wrote three posts a week, and use the other days to read posts from other blogs, in order to comment and learn from others. There is need to visit other bloggers, in order to give them invite to come to your site.

5. You might have reduced your response to others’ comments on your blog: A blogger told me one day, “If you don’t want answers, never ask me a question again.” Why? This is just because I did not respond to her comment on time. I quickly render my apology in order to correct this anomaly. It is very ethical as a blogger to give a quick response to comments on your blog if you don’t want to lose your blogger friends.

6. You might need to balance writing and reading of your blogs: Some bloggers read other bloggers’ posts, and they neglect theirs, sincerely speaking, it is equally important to read posts from your archives once in a while. The same way you receive inspiration when you read posts from other blogs, you will receive from reading yours, even in a better version, and this will cause increase traffic to your blog due to well-researched posts.

7. You might need to re-ignite your passion for writing and blogging: There is nothing bad in having the vision to do something, but everything is wrong with having no passion married to your vision. If there is no passion, the vision dies. You always need to fan the fire of passion when it comes to your writing and blogging. Make sure, you are writing and blogging in the area you have a passion for, your followers’ activities: their likes, comments, and views if you don’t take care, may steer you away from your course.

8. You might need to re-fuel yourself by studying: You need to study to re-fuel. Writing saps sharpens and sap you of knowledge, there are need to study along as you are writing and blogging. This is one of the reasons you need to read books, read others’ posts and your own posts. When you read from your archives, it always looks as if you are reading the writings of others.

If you can take note of all these points, your tapering blog would come back to receive more likes, comments, views, shares, and pingbacks more than before. Thanks.

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Author: Peter Adewumi

Peter Adewumi is an Amazon author of "Virtues for Riches" series, "Romantic, Inspirational & Motivational Poems," "Attributes of Successful Employees," "The End Matters Most," & "A Lonely Ward in a Comely World."

0 thoughts on “When the ‘Likes’ on Your Blog Taper

    1. blissfullybianca, thanks for the truth and serving as a witness to this phenomenon of a decrease in one’s blog visits sometimes. It had happened to me earlier, and I researched into what might be the cause. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  1. Clever grab here. I am new to all this blogging stuff, and was just wanting to have a place to write, but it becomes fun to have a community of bloggers challenging us with what we love. Nice post.

    1. I didn’t plan it. The inspiration just came when I see the word, “taper” for the daily prompt. Trust me. Thanks for reading and the commenting. Do have a nice day.

  2. well observed and elaborated.
    i 100% agree with the 2nd point. longer posts doesnt get read and they are hard to read when you have to read so many of them.
    i would want to add timing of your publishing the post matters when you are participating in daily prompts. the earlier you post the higher chance of being read you have.

  3. What great advice! I try to balance time spent on our blog between writing and reading and commenting on others. It really is give and take 😃Tracey and I make a great team; I write the post then send it to her and she adds the pictures and links it to the prompt and publishes it 😃🦉

    1. Thanks so much. Whenever I respond on the spot it always comes out better, but if it is a post I have already written, I would be brainstorming on how the daily prompt would fit in. Thanks one more time for reading and commenting. Do have a nice time.

  4. I agree with all 8 points. I think only if a blogger can cover all the eight, he will have traffic flowing. When we post something, we definitely want some response, and it’s really very important to other blogs, as you’ve mentioned. I think it was a very good post. Precisely written. Keep going sir!

  5. #4 got me recently.
    I think another possible addition to your list is that, when you’re first being discovered, your new followers have a lot of material to dig through, so you get more likes on those posts. But once they’ve read through all your material, they’re only going to be liking the new stuff coming out, resulting in diminished likes, but not necessarily less appreciation. That’s why I tend to weight Visitor Count more highly than anything else.

    1. You are very correct, and I’m in total support. In fact that was the reason I told a blogger yesterday that as an established blogger, it is not easy to break the highest record set in terms of likes. Well done and thanks for reading. I wish you well wherever you find yourself. It looks as if you travel a lot. Are you a missionary?

      1. Are we not all missionaries? 🙂 But if you’re asking if I’m a long-term guy, then no. Our church does two-week trips every year and I show up for those pretty regularly.

        1. Whoa, that’s good. In fact, I have been a Part time pastor all this while even till date. I left Civil Engineering for Teaching, and I love it because it gives me an avenue to work with Christian students on their future and Christian life. God bless you abundantly!

  6. My Brother? This is the best read from you. Timely. Thanks. Now? On reading your previous posts and comments, I have my reservations. Why?
    Not too long ago I would have rushed to buy your books and? Struggle like hard to follow your passionate advice, for instances? To Bury Your Past, but! I failed miserably.
    Years went by. Much money and time spent in the purchase of promising books, my attendance in work shops, seminars and the like, to no avail. My Past Remained Alive to Torture Me to Insanity! WHY?
    Timing! To EVERYTHING there is a season…My appointed season or time did not happen until a few months ago. Now? WOW!
    The best part about ALL our doings? The appointed season or time is here for ALL the chosen children of the Father/Creator by His design & purpose.
    Behold! THE FAMILY–His Family? The Reality of the moment. His plan to restore us to the original intent for our creation to be loved and to love is now in effect!
    Glad for your faithful visits and comments. Glad I visited. 🙂

    1. You’re welcome brother. God never leaves His children to suffer. Just for a little time and then enjoyment and fulfilment forever. May the presence of the Lord continue to be with you in Jesus’ name.

        1. I’m sorry for that error! Meanwhile, if it is well analyzed, we would see that it was not God’s fault, it’s always man’s fault. God has never made any mistake, and He is not a liar nor the son of man!

          1. That is absolutely correct!!! That’s what the whole message is about. We are wrong and blind. We have missed Him big time! Read it for one thing in Isaiah 48 That is for us not for the Jews! We are the Jews–the lost sheep of Israel. BUT!
            The power of His love from on high. He is now restoring us. That’s the purpose for my testimony–the details of my life are to demonstrate the carnal nature and the way Father has brought my carnal nature under submission.
            It’s an example. I do not depend in anything I learned in my former pew sitting days. Most all teachings are done from the feelings and mental ideas of the human mind. That is all changing. He is doing the work despite our selves.
            He does not need us to defend Him. We need to start looking and watching our wrong. NONE IS RIGHTEOUS!
            I say all of this without any condescendance. I live and breathe under His control. He is in control of every minute detail of my life. He knows why I am writing these things to you.
            For myself? I am glad for your faithful visits. Much love, 🙂

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